The Picnic Roundup

Our top picks for creating the ultimate summer picnic!

29 June 2020 -

It’s no secret that the summer of 2020 is quite different than the ones that have predeceased it, and staying home more than usual means getting extra creative with our activities.

Whether you’re quarantining, working from home, or simply trying to make dinner plans that don’t involve crowds, there’s never been a better time for a picnic.

The Picnic Roundup

There are countless ways to picnic, from driving to a scenic location with takeout to creating a mini-event right in your backyard, you really can’t go wrong. Today, we’re rounding up some of our favorite picnic scenes for inspiration, and sharing our top picnic product picks to help you create the picnics of your dreams all summer long.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Something for storing

Something for sitting

We love the idea of making a picnic extra cozy with layered indoor/outdoor textiles for sitting on, leaning on, and using to decorate your backyard après lunch. Plus, this waterproof mat is the perfect solution for morning dew grasses and really, just about anything.

Something for serving

If you’re having a picnic right in your backyard, why not bring out the pretty serveware? Even if you’re not in the mood to make a whole charcuterie board, create a makeshift mini table with a breadboard or tray, add some pretty linens and instantly elevate any peanut butter and jelly sandwich or handfuls of goldfish crackers!

Something for ambience

Make your picnic feel special with cute and functional decor additions like a rattan fan for staying cool, a pretty vase for wildflowers, and an outdoor citronella candle for keeping bugs away!

Something for fun

Once you set everything up, you probably won’t want to leave, so stay a while and play some miniature, travel size games that are pretty enough to keep on your coffee table when you’re done.

More picnic inspiration from a few of our favorite makers

Photo from  @madamedelamaison

Photo from @madamedelamaison

Photo by  @thecooksatelier

Photo by @thecooksatelier

Photo by    Wit & Delight.

Photo by Wit & Delight.

A dreamy picnic setup by    @hillhousevintage

A dreamy picnic setup by @hillhousevintage

Photo from one of our McGee & Co.’s customers  @alannaoneilphoto

Photo from one of our McGee & Co.’s customers @alannaoneilphoto

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29 June 2020