The McGee’s Annual Pie & Soup Night

One of our favorite traditions + a few recipes we love

18 November 2021 -

It’s the season for traditions…. 

and at The McGee Home, one of our favorite traditions is our annual Pie & Soup Night! Every year around Thanksgiving, we get together with our friends and host to share our most-loved pies and soups. It’s simple, fun, and you really can’t go wrong with pie and soup!  

Over the years, we’ve experimented with quite a few recipes, and today we’re excited to share the ones that everyone asks about. 

Each of our pie recipes makes two pies, so make sure to half them if you’re looking for just one pie, but know that these are so good, you’ll probably need two. 

Perfect Pie Dough 

It’s no secret that every great pie starts with great pie dough, and making it from scratch really does make a world of difference. This pie dough is perfectly flaky without being crumbly and stands up to every kind of filling. Plus, you can make it ahead and store it in the fridge, so it’s great for prepping days before your gathering. 

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Pumpkin Pie 

Pumpkin pie is a holiday staple, and no pie party (or any holiday party, really) is complete without one! If you’re anything like us, your pumpkin pie standards are pretty high. We’ve tried dozens of pumpkin pie recipes and just keep coming back to this one. It’s rich, smooth, and bursting with flavor. This recipe is best when cooled overnight in the refrigerator, so make it the night before you want to serve or share it! 

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Maple Pecan Pie 

Maple and pecan are timeless holiday flavors, and when paired together, it’s practically seasonal magic. This pie has such a rich, deep flavor, and it’s always a favorite amongst our guests. 

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Browned Butter Apple Pie 

We love the nutty flavor of browned butter, especially when contrasted with a brighter fruit flavor like apple. This browned butter apple pie puts the perfect spin on the classic apple pie without losing that classic apple pie taste. The apples, of course, make all the difference, so we opt for Granny Smith every time. 

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Chocolate Cream Pie 

Chocolate pie brings the perfect palette cleanser to all of the autumnal flavors of pumpkin, apple, and maple, especially when it’s as fluffy and rich as this chocolate cream pie. We make our own whipped topping for this, which elevates it and makes it taste even better. This is another one you can make well before party time and refrigerate overnight to set. 

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Leek Potato and Pear Soup 

This classic and versatile soup can be served chilled or warm, but we like it warm or room temp in the winter months. The pear and potatoes have the perfect subtle seasonal flavor, and garnished with creme fraiche and watercress or microgreens, it looks just as good as it tastes! 

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Curried Sweet Potato Soup 

Sweet potato is a staple for us when it comes to seasonal cooking, but mixed with the smooth and spicy flavor of yellow curry in this soup, it comes to life in a whole different way. It’s pretty hearty with chicken and carrots, too, so it’s great for re-heating at lunchtime if you have leftovers. 

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Sweet Corn Soup 

Everyone loves this sweet corn soup, and made with fresh corn, it’s even better! It’s straightforward, filled with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, and fool-proof. Top it with a drizzle of olive oil, cream, and cracked pepper for a chef’s touch, and impress all of your guests (or yourself!) 

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Tortellini in Brodo Spinach Soup 

This comforting Italian soup is perfect for a cold night in and has a unique flavor that will definitely leave your guests asking for the recipe. The bright lemon flavor, spinach, and basil contrast the cheese tortellini perfectly, and it’s definitely a new favorite in The McGee Home! 

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If you try any of these recipes, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments or tag us in your Instagram stories @studiomcgee! 

Date Posted
18 November 2021