The McGee Home: Our Backyard Video Tour
09/09 Lifestyle

The McGee Home: Our Backyard Video Tour

Tour our outdoor living space!

Although we've taken you through all of the completed living spaces in The McGee Home, we still have one more area that we haven't yet toured: Our Backyard!

The McGee Home: Our Backyard Tour

We have gotten so many more questions about our outdoor living space than we expected, and we're excited to show you around in our latest webisode.

Later, we'll share more about this the details, but for now, enjoy the video below!

The McGee Home: Our Backyard Tour
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  1. Love these intimate tours and so appreciate you doing them. They really are such a treat! I am wondering if you can share the source for the garden bounty basket that you have in the tour? I love it so much and couldn’t find it on your website.

  2. Just beautiful! What color is the exterior of your home? The white is warm and inviting, not harsh or cold. And the cedar fence is perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have such garden envy !! We have a beautiful big garden but it’s on a really steep slope and I so want a big flat garden!!

  4. WOW! It is so great to see an outdoor space so beautifully designed. I absolutely love the "black box" contrast and the diagonal pavers are gorgeous! Fantastic job… searching my garden for possible raised bed space:)

  5. hi, i am trying to design my small backyard patio, and i LOVE YOURS!!!! i would love more information about how you achieved that diamond patio and the dimensions of the space along with the sources. looking forward to the details. THANKS

  6. So beautiful! Your work is simple amazing. Would you be willing to share the types of trees you planted against your fence?

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