The McGee Home: Master Bedroom Webisode
05/06 The McGee Home

The McGee Home: Master Bedroom Webisode

Virtually tour our master!

We’re back with another McGee Home webisode!

We have taken you through the main living spaces in our home, and today we’re taking you through the master bedroom!

We’re so grateful for our sponsors at The Shade Store for making this space possible, and we can’t wait to show you around. Be sure to check back in tomorrow for the full photo tour and more details on the room and the pieces inside.

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Studio McGee
  1. Noticed that you said your drapes are “oyster”. In the comments on one of your Instagram posts, the Shade Store is saying that you used the “beige” swatch for your drapes and “dune” for the seaview woven wood shades. Guessing the shades aren’t really “dune”?

  2. Shea – it’s even more beautiful on video! Thank you for taking us into such a personal space – I love the accented ceiling, that leather stool and your beautiful bed! So glad you found a use for that vintage fabric you’d been hoarding. Also – thank you for describing the Shade Store process so thoroughly – I’m ready to take the plunge!

  3. This is so timely, thank you for sharing! What color and style for the romans, so gorgeous! Definitely talking to the Shade Store presently so this is very helpful!

  4. Totally in love with your masters room. What are your window frames made of? Wood or metal?

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