The McGee Home Kitchen Webisode
03/25 The McGee Home

The McGee Home Kitchen Webisode

The heart of the McGee home

We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time,

and it’s hard to believe it’s here, we’re finally revealing The McGee Home kitchen!

This space really is the heart of our home, especially lately. We’ve been lucky enough to stay in, bake treats and spend more time in here than ever since we’ve moved in and couldn’t be happier with how the kitchen we dreamed up years ago came to life.

Tomorrow, we’ll post a photo tour with more details, but first, watch the webisode below for a look into how we created this space.

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  1. O WoW!! I just fell totally in love allover again. It’s even better when I got to look at it in more detail and I already loved it 🙂 thanks for sharing and wishing you lots of beautiful memory’s in your kitchen

  2. Girl! You are the BOMB!!! I literally couldn’t wait for this episode to come. I am trying to imitate some of your ideas in my small 1600 sq/ft home renovation. You are truly gifted. Bless you sis.

  3. It is so beautiful! I love the pictures of it , but seeing the details in this video made me fall in love with it again. I think every kitchen you post becomes my new favorite, so today this is my favorite, until the next one… 🙂

  4. I couldn’t wait for this webisode. I absolutely love your kitchen. Love all your work and constantly wait in anticipation for each webisode. What are the colour of your cabinets. Thanks Shay.

  5. Shea, you’ve got such gorgeous taste and I can tell you’re a visionary. God bless your family and beautiful home. Would love to see how you organize your kitchen and take a look inside your cabinets and drawers. It is not at all to snoop around, but truly find these types of videos helpful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I love this webisode! Your kitchen is simply beautiful. I would like to know how you determined which cabinets got knobs, latches or pulls? I would like to mix it up like this in my new kitchen but I need some guidance. Thank you!

  7. Loved the webisode and all of the details you gave about the finishes! I’m wondering where you purchased that easel that holds the beautiful vintage painting?

  8. Can you share what blackish stain you used? I recently built a modern farmhouse and our walnut kitchen cabinets are too brown and I want to darken them to look more black toned as you have. Thank you!

  9. Just stunning! I can understand why it is the heart of your family home. I love getting a glimpse into your process, Shea, when you share why you chose a particular design element.

    I have often admired the flooring in your projects and the McGee Home is no exception. Question — and perhaps a future blog post (hint, hint) — how in the world are you able to make such a huge decision from viewing a 6 inch sample? I mean, it’s not an easy fix like repainting a room or changing out a light fixture if you realize it’s not the look you’re going for. I ask because I am finding it particularly challenging and feel like I’ve looked at about a b’zillion-and-one wood floor samples recently.

    Thank you for making my life more beautiful. xo!

  10. Beautiful kitchen and such an inspiration for current remodel. I don’t see a microwave, it is in your pantry?

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