The McGee Home Countertop Roundup
07/29 The McGee Home

The McGee Home Countertop Roundup

Sharing the materials we used throughout our home!

Countertops are one of the most important finishes in a project,

and we love the way the right surface elements can work together throughout a home to tell a story of dimension and texture.

We have gotten quite a few questions about the countertops in The McGee Home, and so today, we are sharing the materials we used for the countertops in every room!

The Kitchen

The McGee Home Countertop Roundup

Bedrosians Calacatta Marble

There was pretty much no convincing me out of marble kitchen counters. Syd could have tried to say, “we need something more durable,” and I wouldn’t have listened because I just love the look of real marble. We got this Calcutta marble slab from Bedrosians, and it has this beautiful gray and gold veining throughout it.

We used that across our entire island, on the backsplash, and a few other areas throughout our home. Yes, it gets a little bit of etching and scratching, but I don’t care. It’s been in Italy for thousands of years, and it is worth every little hassle.

The Pantry

The McGee Home Countertop Roundup

White Oak Wood Countertop

The Laundry Room

The McGee Home Countertop Roundup

Bedrosians Carrara Marble

Ivy’s + Wren’s Bathrooms

The McGee Home Countertop Roundup

Bedrosians Cararra Marble

The Master Bathroom

The McGee Home Countertop Roundup

Grey Marble

The Mudroom

The McGee Home Countertop Roundup

Bedrosians Soapstone

One of my favorite details in this space is our SoapStone countertops from Bedrosians, they have beautiful veining throughout and bring so much texture into the room.

What’s your favorite countertop material?

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Studio McGee
  1. I wish someone would have warned me about the ‘stun marks’. I have marble countertops in my bathroom, and love the look. I don’t mind the etching and superficial scratches, but the stun marks just kill me! They look like little bright white chips in the gray marble, but they’re a tiny fractures and they can’t be fixed. They break my heart. I’ve tried to be super careful, but on my birthday last year, I grabbed a small Jo Malone perfume bottle to spray on just before I left the house for dinner, and, with some lotion on my hands, it just slipped out of my hand and hit the countertop – and now I have a very noticeable white mark in the center of the slab that can never be fixed (the marble expert said they could drill it out and fill it with putty). Now when I look at potential marble, I take a glass perfume bottle and hit the edge of it on the marble. I just did that with my guest bathroom’s floor – on a sample – to see the what the stun mark looks like with that stone- if its faint, then I’m OK with that marble, it it shows up too much, I take a pass. In this sample it showed somewhat, but with a white background and a mosaic design, it won’t show up like it would on a slab.

  2. I adore the marble! I’m obsessed with it. I actually live in a cute little farm house with 2 big dogs and 2 horses. We love our home and take care of it but we are very hard on it. The granite we put in 8 years ago still looks perfect in bathrooms and the kitchen. We are updating the bathroom for that "light and airy" look with lots of Carrara in the bath but Quartz countertops that I liked a lot. In a year, I’m going to update the kitchen counters (they are just too dark) and I’m going to look at Quartzsite, which has some beautiful options, or the Quartz. I have a long black walnut counter with stools that will always be there. Thank you to Studio McGee for making the world a more beautiful place!

  3. Pam we have quartzite and love it. Had it a year and my little one sits in the middle of the island and spills her snacks all over it. Ours is more of a honed finish so I think it hides any imperfections better, but we haven’t noticed any staining – even when bits of snacks are left over night ?‍♀️(It’s a creamy white with light veining )

  4. Honed or polished finish on your marble? We’ve done honed throughout our remodel (bathrooms and kitchen) but haven’t moved in yet. We have a big family with a teen and three kids five and under so we shall see how it holds up. It would be awesome if you could do a post on the care of marble (cleaning, sealing) while highlighting any differences between honed and polished.

  5. We are building a new house and my Carrara marble looks almost identical to yours. I am excited for the builders to take the paper off so I can see it. We used it on all of the countertops and shower bench.

  6. Marble and soapstone. The organic look and feel of real marble cannot be matched with any quartz on the market. We have calacatta cervaiole in our kitchen with a walnut island top.

  7. This post has nothing to do with the countertops but since the shop at McGee and co won’t allow comments on products I’m going to post here. We purchased the “Ruthie” chair for our school room. We noticed it had powder on one of the chairs. I disregarded it at first thinking something just got on it. Then it started happening on a consistent basis. We had our pest control take a look bc we were concerned about termites. The pest control said that it was a post powder beetle that comes from inside contaminated wood. I promptly called studio McGee to bring this to their attention and request a new chair since we would have to discard of this chair. The representative was really nice and apologized for this and said he would get back to us as soon as possible about a replacement. I then got a email stating that they were blaming the delivery warehouse that it was sent to. I responded and explained that the chairs were kept in the boxes and unloaded into our home. As well the pest company explained it comes from inside of contaminated wood and they don’t go through boxes and then inside the wood. I never heard back from customer service after that. It felt like their way to push the problem on someone else and not take responsibility for a contaminated product that could have effected our house with pests. We have purchased thousands of dollars from studio McGee and besides just buying a replacement chair out of our own pocket this will be the last purchase we place through studio McGee. Horrible customer service and standing by lack of quality in their products.

  8. I had to have marble too! I do have a lot of etching, cup rings, etc. that you can really see especially when the light shines on it. It is dulling the look of it, so I need to see if there’s something to be done other than just get used to it.

  9. They are all very beautiful. Somehow I am specially drawn to the wood countertop in the pantry. It brings some old charme to to the room. I also very much love that soapstone in the mudroom. You have chosen very well. I would be interested to know how the marble develops over time, by the way.

  10. I love the look of the soapstone in the mudroom and how the window nearly touches the counter. Is the tiny little "backsplash" under the window wood?

  11. Do you mind sharing the cabinet color in the laundry room that you used with the carara marble? It’s a very pretty combo! Thank you so much! Lisa

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