The McGee Home Basement Webisode No. 2
04/27 Design

The McGee Home Basement Webisode No. 2

Syd’s mecca - the skate ramp, sauna, and gym. 

We have been dreaming of this space for years, and we were so excited to finally bring it to life in our basement! 

Now that we’ve shared the main spaces of our basement — the Lounge Area, Kitchenette, and Guest Suite, it’s time for the “fun zone.” In our latest webisode, we have a special guest (spoiler: it’s Syd) taking you through his mecca of the skate ramp, sauna, and gym area.

Join him on his virtual tour of everyone’s favorite space in the video below and check out the photo tour with all of the details here.

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Studio McGee
  1. I feel like we need more Syd. He’s hysterical! Doesn’t really know anything about design…this is maroon or burgundy. Makes an awesome video though!!

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