The McGee & Co. Kids Collection: Our Team’s Picks

Highlights from McGee & Co.'s first kid's collection!

22 June 2021 -

Every room has a story to tell… 

and when it comes to designing kids’ spaces, it’s all about finding pieces that create a canvas you can build upon for years to come. 

Designing our youngest baby’s nursery was one of our very first projects, and I fell in love with design in the process. With a new baby on the way, I couldn’t be more excited about our new McGee & Co. Kids Collection. Each piece uses thoughtful and playful details to elevate your little one’s space while growing alongside them.

xo – Shea McGee 

Watch our video below for a look at the collection and keep scrolling to see our team’s picks! 

The pieces…  

in this collection are designed to be versatile enough to grow with your little ones while still bringing a playful feeling to their space.  

Each piece lends practicality and beauty, from the convertible crib-to-toddler crib beds to the cozy, streamlined gliders and rockers. 

“While it’s hard to choose my favorite pieces from this collection, there are a few I loved so much that I had to incorporate them in our own home. In our new nursery, I’m excited to use the timeless Mechan Crib, and the cozy Fredericton Swivel Chair to add some texture.”

Shea McGee

The wall décor…  

is perfect for bringing an imaginative feeling to any kids space with subdued colors, playful prints, and dreamy patterns. 

“I love how the artwork in this collection is playful but subtle. I can't wait to put up the Clouds series in my son's nursery in our new home. It's perfectly light and dreamy, especially in its large scale.”

Alyssa Macy, McGee & Co. Sr. Director of Product

The McGee & Co. Kids Collection: Our Team’s Picks

The bedding…  

was created to be soft and breathable while lending a hint of color or tone to your space. From linen-blended crib sheets to pom-detailed throws, each piece was designed with acute attention to detail.  

"I love the idea of introducing cute opportunities for pattern play in the crib with these block printed sheets. It's fun to be see the artist's hand in the imperfections and be reminded of the artistry."

Tawnee Madlen, VP of Marketing.

The textiles…  

are perfect for mixing and matching to bring personality to your styling. Style them on bedding, on a window seat, or even on a rocker for added dimension.  

"I love mixing patterned textiles when styling kids' spaces to add a playful feeling. To create a cohesive look, start by identifying a color palette and choose a few different scales of print to bring interest."

Kristine Metcalf, VP of Creative. 

Date Posted
22 June 2021