The Crestview House: Owner’s Suite Photo Tour

All the details.

09 October 2020 -

We are back with our latest project, The Crestview House!

Today, we’re sharing our photo tour and more details from The Owner’s Suite.

This suite has its own wing of the home and gorgeous views of the outdoor space overlooking the pool and yard. It’s incredible, but we’ll let the photos do the talking.

We worked with Eric Olsen Design on the architecture, and Dagan Design on the construction of this project, and we’re so grateful for their collaboration.

In other areas of this home, we incorporated a lot of rust and blue tones, but our clients really wanted this space to be as calm and light as possible. To achieve that peaceful feeling, we focused on neutral colors and a good blend of textures to add more dimension.

Design tip: Although we don’t layer rugs in every project, there are times when we fall in love with a vintage rug that is just a bit too small, and layering can be the perfect solution!

The biggest mistake we see people make when layering rugs is using the wrong sizes. If you layer a tiny rug over a huge rug, it gets lost and ends up looking unbalanced.

We suggest layering a rug about 2/3 the size of the rug underneath. Typical sizes for layered rugs are 8×10, 6×9, 5×8.

This nightstand look is the perfect example of that modern classic mix that we use in nearly all of our projects. Pair a streamlined, playful lamp paired with a beautiful vintage nightstand and you have a pretty dimensional, fool-proof combo.

When we have an open nightstand like this one we love adding a basket on the bottom to bring extra storage and texture. Add in a small bowl or box for storing jewelry or other small items, a vase pretty enough that it doesn’t even need to be filled with flowers, and you have a complete look!

When we have extra space in a bedroom, we love adding a little reading nook for optimal-coziness. Extending your space like this and making the most out of every corner is especially important as we’re spending more and more time at home. Shea even wrote a lot of her new book in her master bedroom nook area!

A few of our favorite nook-worthy chairs

The Crestview House: Owner’s Suite Photo Tour

The Bathroom Suite

One of the challenges of a remodel is seeing the potential outside of the box (or in this case, the walls). When we walked the site together, and it was just framing, the ceiling details were a little.. funky. So, we decided to create the ceiling details we wanted.

We realized that we had a lot of vaulted space, and so we built as high into it as we could, and we couldn’t be happier about the open feeling it brought.

In this bathroom space, we created a symmetrical moment above the tup, and it makes this cozy framed-out space that feels like a little nook. Then, with the extra wall space in each corner, we built in a wooden shelf detail to display pretty towels and bath accessories.

The Crestview House: Owner’s Suite Photo Tour

Our clients loved both rustic and modern styles, and we wanted to blend all of those elements together. We came up with this floaty vanity concept that incorporated a wood with some rustic grain and knots to it, and rustic juxtaposed it with clean and minimal marble and hardware details that we couldn’t love more.

We wanted to add some cool-toned contrast to our warm wooden vanity, so we went with limestone floors. We did random lengths to give it a rustic and imperfect vibe, and it adds so much dimension to the clean lines of the vanity and shower.

Thanks for following along in our process of The Crestview House! Stay tuned for more! We’ll be back with the tour of the guest house.

If you missed our webisode, check it out below!

Date Posted
09 October 2020