The Art of Home | On Bookshelves Now

Shea's long-awaited coffee table book is out today.

12 September 2023 -

Today is a day that Shea and all of us at Studio McGee have been waiting for for a very long time. Today The Art of Home is on bookshelves across America. This 400+ page coffee table book is much more than a visual journey of the past ten years of Studio McGee, its room-by-room reveals, Shea’s personal anecdotes behind the designs, and an expansive styling guide with tips on selecting upholstery fabrics, how to mix patterns, and Shea’s favorite paint colors. We cannot wait to see how all of you incorporate this book and the tips inside of it into your own homes. Below, follow along as Shea guides us through the pages of The Art of Home.

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"Have courage in your vision, embrace the process, and relish the art of making a house feel like a home."

Shea McGee

Date Posted
12 September 2023