Syd’s Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

If one is good, 14 is better. 

11 November 2022 -

If you’ve seen our Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover, it should come as no surprise to learn that Syd loves his food–

– and he loves a kitchen appliance as much as Shea appreciates décor details. When Dream Home Makeover caught the pair having an appliance intervention, we knew we needed to get all the details on his extensive collection. From a classic panini press to the of-the-moment air fryer, here Syd shares all his kitchen appliance essentials. We aren’t going to question the expert. 

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Panini Press –

Elevate an everyday lunch with the tool that keeps your sandwich from turning into a squished mess.

Syd’s Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Ice Cream Maker –

A classic for every family home that will turn into a must-have for birthday parties and summer celebrations. 

Syd’s Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Double Air Fryer –

The item that sparked the appliance debate in the McGee home, an air fryer definitely does it all. 

Syd’s Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Waffle Maker –

Every breakfast connoisseur needs this reliable basic in their arsenal. Add homemade whipped cream and berries and prepare to feast. 

Syd’s Must-Have Kitchen Appliances


The perks of several kitchen appliances all wrapped into one speedy, trusty device.

Syd’s Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Date Posted
11 November 2022