Styling a Living Space With Our Spring 22′ Target Collection
01/26 Design

Styling a Living Space With Our Spring 22′ Target Collection

How we incorporated pieces from the latest collection in this living look.

As spring approaches, we’re adding layers to our homes to refresh each corner.  

In our living spaces, we’re focusing on brightening our color palettes, bringing in life with new pieces, and enhancing the function of our surroundings.  

To celebrate the launch of our Spring 22′ collection designed with Target for Threshold, our team styled a seating space look with some of our favorite pieces to show you how you can incorporate them into your own home. 

Keep scrolling to shop the look and read about the process behind it! 

Cold Beach Framed Wall Art
Rolling Hills Framed Wall Canvas Green
Color Block Abstract Glass Framed Wall Canvas

The pieces 

We started with thinking about the layout of the room and how we could best place each furniture piece to encourage conversation, comfort, and ease of movement throughout the space. In this look, we created a square around the console table and focal point of the room, centered by a round coffee table.

The sofa anchors the seating look, and the two chairs and a bench seat sit parallel to each other to break up the shapes in the room and bring a more relaxed feeling to the space.  

Styling a bench in a living space is a great way to bring in extra seating while maintaining a lightweight visual appeal that allows the area to feel open and relaxed. Plus, if you have a window with a great view or are designing an open-concept space, a backless seating option won’t block your viewpoint! 

This textural console table was a perfect focal point for the layout of this room, and we love how versatile it is in form and function. In a smaller seating area, it could be styled under a TV or artwork like we incorporated it here. In a large entryway, it would be the perfect drop-zone and anchoring piece to welcome guests. 

Styling a Living Space With Our Spring 22′ Target Collection
Styling a Living Space With Our Spring 22′ Target Collection

The furniture pieces

Relaxed & versatile pieces encourage conversation and set the tone for this space.
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Vivian Park Upholstered Sofa
Adjustable Brass Accent Table
Arbon Coffee Table White
Palmdale Woven Door Console Natural
Randolph Bench with Bolster Pillows Linen
Ventura Upholstered Accent Chair with Wood Frame

The details 

The details in this space bring the room to life and give it personality with different levels of heights and shapes, mixed textiles, and thoughtful decor pairings.  

We wanted to reflect the feeling of spring through playful patterns, textural accents, and a soft, pretty color palette. 

Styling a Living Space With Our Spring 22′ Target Collection
Styling a Living Space With Our Spring 22′ Target Collection

"I love the pattern play our pillows in this collection bring. We have everything from intricate florals to textural fringe details in easy color palettes that you can mix, match, and pair together.”

- Shea McGee

The pillows in this collection were all designed to pair well together seamlessly, and we couldn’t wait to put them into practice in this space!  

We balanced warm and cool tones with our pillow combination look in this space with pared-down blues, light dusty pinks, and warm terracotta tones. Mixing the scale and type of the patterns, we played with both geometric and floral prints to create the perfect curated combination. 

The accent pieces

Mixed textiles & thoughtful decor bring life to this space.
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Rockland Hand Knotted Distressed Persian Style Rug
Artificial Ficus Tree
Spacedye Woven Square Throw Pillow Clay
Herringbone Pointelle Throw Blanket
Marble Links
Woven Plaid Throw Pillow Slate Blue/Cream
Brass Magnifying Glass
Linen Tray
Wooden Mantel Decorative Wall Mirror Natural
Large Ceramic Table Lamp Gray
Handled Vintage Vase
Cream Vintage Vase
Scalloped Bowl
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