Styling a Holiday Mantel with Threshold x Studio McGee

The mantel is the centerpiece of the holidays, create your own custom vignette with our latest collection from Target.

10 November 2022 -

The holidays have taken over here at Studio McGee—we are all holiday, all the time. Our latest guide demonstrates the best way to style a mantel for the wintertime, from wreaths and garlands to stockings and their holders. Creating a special vignette that reflects the changing of the seasons and the promise of a festive time doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these few simple steps using our latest collection with Target, Threshold x Studio McGee.

01 Take advantage of the length

Utilize the entire left-right expanse of the mantel by draping in a garland. You can do this by simply laying it on the top or by installing hooks on the top sides of the mantel and letting the garland hang gracefully from there. “I love the mix of greenery,” Shea says of the Cedar and Eucalyptus Garland from our holiday collection, Threshold x Studio McGee. “It looks like you just added some fresh sprigs in.”     

02 Introduce height with decorate objects

Little trees, candlesticks, and objects that serve no purpose but to be aesthetically pleasing, that’s what holiday mantel styling is all about. Not everything has to be functional, during the holidays form wins out. Layering in objects brings height to the space and serves as visual interest. We love these rustic trees made from mango wood and recycled paper. It’s a nice way to bring some texture to the vignette that juxtaposes the greenery it sits around.  

03 Finish with depth

The final touch to any holiday mantel is a set of stockings and their corresponding holders. Dangling from the front of the fireplace mantel is not only the traditional way to do it, it also introduces some depth into the vignette. “We have three new stockings,” Shea notes of the latest holiday collection, Threshold x Studio McGee. The bobble knit stocking comes in cream with “little pompom details,” she adds.   

Date Posted
10 November 2022