How to Style Your Home With Spring Styling Trends
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How to Style Your Home With Spring Styling Trends

A few things we're leaning into this season

It’s almost time to refresh our spaces for springtime… 

and as we create a clean slate post-holiday decorations and begin to think about shedding our winter layers, we can’t help but see our homes in a new light and dream about how we can bring life into each corner.  

Each season, we look to new “trends” or perspectives inspired by our surroundings and consider fresh ways to create moments through layering pieces that speak to new beginnings.  

Here are a few spring interior styling trends we’re looking forward to leaning into this year: 

How to Style Your Home With Spring Styling Trends
How to Style Your Home With Spring Styling Trends

No. 1: Organic materials & whimsical textures 

While incorporating natural textures is hardly a trend, we’re excited to lean into mixing pieces inspired by different eras and influences this spring. Materials like travertine and burl wood have been on our radar for a while now, and we love how much depth they add to a minimal color palette.  

When refreshing your styling this spring, don’t shy away from pieces and materials with natural imperfections that lend a lived-in and relaxed feeling to any vignette. 

Textural pieces we love

Bring depth to a minimal color palette with pieces in bold natural textures.
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Filip Side Table
Ares Dining Chair
Ima End Table
Bingley End Table
Travertine Marble Bowl
Burl Wood Side Table
Burl Box
Travertine Side Table

No. 2: Warm deep hues 

While warm hues are typically included in autumn and winter palettes, we’re carrying them through the spring in our homes this year to reflect the warmth of the season. Light browns, deep terracotta hues, and materials that lend warmth like leather and wood all bring a feeling of comfort and depth to the home, layering them into your current styling a breeze. 

Warm tonal accents

Reflect the warmth of the season with pieces in warm deep hues.
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Bodin Desk
Jovie Woven Floor Mirror
Ackley Leather Ottoman
Norinne Lounge Chair
Ardell Table

No. 3: Florals 

We know the idea of florals for spring isn’t groundbreaking, but we’re looking forward to a new take on expressing the budding of new life, nonetheless. This season, we’re incorporating them into our homes with exaggerated scale, from large-scale prints on art and textiles to micro-print florals on bedding and wallpaper. 

Swoon-worthy floral layers

Express the new season with floral prints in fresh scales.
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Woodblocked Botanical
Lorraine Print Tablecloth
Zaria Block Print Pillow Cover
San Diego Sunflower
Maisie Quilt
Alpine Range

No. 4: Playful details  

From unexpected cut-out features in decor pieces to reeded textures on furniture pieces, we’re all about zooming in on the details this season. Whether your space is big or small, bringing subtle interest to each corner is about the most minor elements.  

If you’re refreshing your home for spring, consider which vignettes in your home could use a new life, and incorporate a piece with an interesting texture or shape to draw the eye in. 

Detail-oriented accents

These pieces are ready for their close-up and will draw the eye into any vignette.
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White Bulbed Vase
Abe Side Table
Light Gray Paper Mache Pot
Pim Side Table
Adelpha Bowl
Black Double Candlestick
White Abstract Vase
White Paper Mache Footed Bowl
Spiked Vase
Crane Coffee Table

No. 6: Pattern focused furniture 

If you thought you’d never see patterned furniture again, think again! Even if you’re not ready to jump into bold, large-scale prints, subtle prints like small-scale pinstripes on dining chairs and even sofas can go a long way in adding an elevated, thoughtful feeling to a home, big or small. 

Subtle patterned staples

Add some pattern play to any space for an elevated feeling.
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Laurie Chair
Gemma Settee
Crawford Chair
Gemma Chair
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