Shea’s Summer Vacation Wardrobe Picks

Pack those bags with a few new favorites!

20 May 2022 -

Spring is in full swing, and I am looking forward to the months ahead.  

Since we are on the cusp of summer, I am thinking ahead to our vacation plans, and inevitably that means refreshing the wardrobe with a few new favorites made just for long days in the sun. Between the seasons I like to take inventory of what I have and add a few new pieces (and that always includes at least one new swimsuit!). My travel essentials always include: a tote (I love something that functions for both the beach and sightseeing), sunglasses, a hat, a swimsuit or two, a coverup (especially those that can work double duty as a dress for a casual dinner), a pair of sandals, and a statement dress made just for the occasion. Whether it’s a trip to the coast, a family outing to the pool, or an international adventure, here are some of the picks I love for that perfect vacation wardrobe. 


Large totes were made for vacation and I love any option that can hold it all but still look good while doing so.  


There are so many great shapes and colors out there. I tend to pack a couple of options to be sure I’m not squinting in the sun all day long. 


I love them all! I reach for quality, packable hats and really love these hat clips – they’re so strong and ensure my hat isn’t going to get squished in my suitcase. I’m also really loving this take on the bucket hat trend.  


Again, can’t have enough options when it comes to vacation packing! I always bring a one piece (and there are so many great ones to choose from), and I love a high waisted two-piece! 


Coverups are a must-have for any packing roundup, and I love a sarong for walks on the beach and dresses, bottoms, and sweaters that work double time on a trip. 


Comfort is key when it comes to footwear and I prefer a sandal shape that works as well by the pool as it does to a casual dinner. I may even sneak in a pair of heels if I have the room since it’s nice to have the option!  


Easy to pack and make an outfit. 


While most of the trip is usually spent in coverups and swimsuits, it’s so nice to have a fun dress to wear out! 

Shorts and Sets

These sets make for the easiest vacation outfits, great loungewear, or even a stylish coverup. 

Date Posted
20 May 2022