Shea’s Pre-Filming Beauty Routine

How Shea got ready for Netflix!

23 October 2020 -

Since the launch of our Netflix show “Dream Home Makeover,” we’ve received quite a few questions about the details, and we’re so excited to be able to share more with you in the upcoming weeks about the projects and the designs behind them.

In the meantime, we thought it would be fun to answer some of the questions we’ve gotten about Shea’s pre-filming hair and makeup routine and share a few of her favorite go-to products!

Today, she’s answering some questions from our audience about her routine! Read more about it and shop her look below!

What did you use to get ready for the show?

It was a crazy year with lots of pressure to have good hair and makeup days! We’d wake up early, and Syd would make breakfast for the girls while we sat around the island, and I did hair and makeup sitting on a counter stool. 

I learned quickly that when filming, you take your everyday makeup routine and just do more of everything because the camera soaks it all up! That dewy shine is not your friend on camera, and translucent powder (which I never wore prior to this) is very important. Plus, false eyelashes. Always. I experimented with quite a few and ended up loving these drugstore classics

Most days, I did my own makeup, but on the interview and reveal days, Marisa Rose was my go-to! False eyelashes made the biggest difference. My sister-in-law is amazing, and did my hair most days! I tried to layout my outfits the night before to alleviate some of the stress. 

What was your go-to makeup routine for the show?


Face makeup: 

Eye makeup: 

Shea’s Pre-Filming Beauty Routine


Shea’s Pre-Filming Beauty Routine

What was your hair routine?

I have thick curly hair, so most days, I’d wash/condition and dry it with this hair dryer the night before. I use this heat protectant and this serum for the ends of my hair. And let’s be honest, many days I had the help of this dry shampoo.

In the morning, it would need a little refresh, so I’d brush my hair and use this dryer to get it smoothed out.

The rod is the most important tool of them all!!! I use this base with this wand

Finish with a little hairspray because the camera catches all the flyaways!



Shea’s Pre-Filming Beauty Routine

Finishing touches: 

Shea’s Pre-Filming Beauty Routine

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23 October 2020