Shea’s Holiday Kitchen Essentials

The best kitchen accessories from pots and pans to olive oil.

05 November 2021 -

We spend more time in our kitchen than ever during the holiday season… 

and whether we’re hosting for two or ten, we always want to ensure we have the essentials on hand long before the celebrations begin.  

This year, we’re making a mental checklist of everything we can gather to elevate the kitchen experience and prepare for everything from cooking our favorite meals and treats to entertaining friends and family.  

Here are a few kitchen essentials for inspiring time well spent in the heart of the home: 

Stovetop wonders 

Cookware is an investment, but one worthy of making, especially before the holidays roll around. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving (even if you’re gifting yourself). 

Cooking essentials 

Whether it’s time to update the rusty whisk you’ve had since college or you’re missing a gadget to try that recipe you skip past every year, the upcoming holiday season is the perfect excuse to make room in your cabinets. 

Countertop accessories 

The best part about countertop accessories in the kitchen? They can be functional and pretty, and in our opinion, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be both. We love displaying pretty cutting boards, utensil crocks, and salt cellars for easy access and added personality.  

Elevated linens 

Taking inventory of your kitchen linens can feel like a daunting task, but you’ll be happy you did it when it’s time to host, and you need a few extra dishcloths or hand towels for your guests. 

Occasional serveware 

Pretty serveware makes any dish taste better, and when you spend so much time preparing a menu, the tableware should feel just as intentional. 

Secret ingredients 

Everyone wants to avoid that feeling of realizing you’re out of olive oil the night you’re hosting. We’re stocking up on these pretty ingredients to elevate any dish, give as a host gift, or even style on the countertop. 

Kitchen cleaning favorites 

Clean-up time doesn’t have to feel like a drag, and there’s nothing better than a pretty, good-smelling counter spray or dish detergent to make the chore feel like more of a ritual. Plus, we think every entertainer probably needs one of these crumb runners in their top drawer; it’s just a must! 

Date Posted
05 November 2021