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Shopping With Shea | A 2022 Retrospective

A year full of looks, here are Shea’s top purchases for the home, the closet, and the bathroom.

06 January 2023 -

It’s the time of purging—

—the start of a new year and new resolutions. I love pausing for a moment to take stock of what worked and what didn’t last year, from what’s in my closet to my bathroom drawers. I’m cleaning and organizing and establishing new goals and routines, but as I do that, I can’t forget the old. There are many items I bought in 2022 (and earlier) that don’t need revamped, thrown out, or organized. They sparked joy then and I’m happy to keep them around until they no longer do. Here are my favorite purchases in 2022 that I’m carrying with me into this new year.

No. 01 | Home

No. 02 | Clothing

No. 03 | Accessories

No. 04 | Beauty

McGee & Co. winter catalog rich colored kitchen
Shea in winter coat and black jeans

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No. 01 | Always making our house a home.

No. 02 | Staples I wore on repeat.

No. 03 | The perfect finishing touches.

No. 04 | Beauty classics I can’t live without.

Date Posted
06 January 2023