Shea’s McGee & Co. Baby Registry Picks

All the favorites from McGee & Co.'s kid collection.

17 August 2023 -

Building a baby registry can feel overwhelming, and you haven’t even had the baby yet! At McGee & Co., we may not have the Diaper Genie or Bugaboo, but we do have what you need to create a safe and visually appealing room to raise the next member of your family in. If the moms at Studio McGee can vouch for anything it’s that bringing your new bundle home to a beautifully designed nursery is a memory you’ll cherish. The middle-of-the-night feedings and early morning alarm clocks are just a tad more bearable when you have a space you love to be in. Here are Shea’s favorite picks from our McGee & Co. Kids Collection to guide you on your baby registry. With our new partnership with, it’s a one-stop-shop to outfit one of the biggest events in your, or someone you love’s, life.

From top left: Dylan Linen Pillow, Fitzgerald Quilt, Rigby Plaid Print Wallpaper, You Belong Here, Pebble Two Tiered Mobile, Vaughn Crib, Rattan Handwoven Playhouse, Basketball Court, Genesis l, Barnaby Glider,  Barnaby Ottoman, Butler Dresser.

Date Posted
17 August 2023