Q&A: Shea McGee on 14 Years of Marriage

We sat down with Studio McGee’s dean of design to find out what it’s like to head a successful lifestyle company, wrangle three little ones, and navigate 14 years of marriage with a business partner, Studio McGee CEO, Syd McGee. Happy anniversary, Shea and Syd!

24 October 2022 -

14 years of marriage is no easy feat  

add in three little kids, an ever-expanding company, and a marriage and business partner in one and the accomplishment is worthy of more than a moment’s pause. The rough times have been well documented—a distinctly non-designer friendly, 600-square-foot apartment with noisy, at best, neighbors in their early 20s, acutely stressful financial struggles in their late 20s, and a bond-dividing workload in their early 30s. Now in the late 30s category, 36-year-old Shea McGee reflects, “is there ever an easy year? I think every year has its highs and lows. [Syd and I have] experienced so many wonderful things together, but I think it’s always a roller coaster. That said, once we started hitting our stride in business and making more time for our relationship outside of it, our relationship has been so much stronger.” Here, we sat down with the design empress of Studio McGee to find out what it’s like to head a successful lifestyle company, wrangle three little ones, and navigate 14 years of marriage with her business partner, Studio McGee CEO, Syd McGee. 

Congratulations on your 14th wedding anniversary! Of those years, which one was the hardest?

To me, year five was the hardest. We had our first baby after a very scary emergency c-section, Syd left his job, and we didn’t know what our plan was. We were right on the cusp of deciding to sell our home to launch Studio McGee but weren’t quite ready to take the leap during this year and struggled to find our footing in life and with each other.  


What are you looking forward to in the forthcoming milestones of marriage?

Syd and I love to take trips for our anniversaries rather than exchanging gifts. I don’t know where we’re escaping to yet, but it’s going to be somewhere fabulous. I hope we’re still maintaining the same tradition when we’re in our 70s. 


What has been the hardest/easiest part of launching a company with your husband?

The hardest part of launching a company with your spouse is that running a business can be all-encompassing and it’s easy to slip into the habit of letting it take priority. We’ve had to work hard on making time for date nights and trips together. The easiest part is that we’re in it together. I never feel alone with Syd by my side, and I love that we have full trust in each other.  


Any words of advice for couples in business together?

Make time for each other and give your partner space for trust. Also, clearly outline your roles and responsibilities. 


Business aside, any relationship advice for couples?

Make time for date nights no matter how busy you are. And while you’re there, don’t talk about business. 


Tell us a few things that you love/appreciate about Syd.

Syd has such a big heart and is always ready to jump in and help no matter the situation. Above all else, he is FUN. I love that he is a kid at heart and there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t make me laugh. He is my best friend. Even after a long day at work, I still look forward to evenings at home together. When the kids go down to bed, we’ll take a few minutes to chat, watch a show, or eat ice cream. 


How did your life change after having kids.

Kids require a lot of time and attention. Having to be prepared and not just doing things on the fly was a big change. Having kids is also the best! We love hanging out as a family.  


What do you miss about Syd when you’re away?

Syd and I do so many things together that when we’re apart I just simply feel incomplete.  


Are there any misconceptions about you as a couple?

Because Syd works behind the scenes and I’m the face of the company, there are a lot of misconceptions about his role and impact. He is not a designer; he is the CEO of Studio McGee Inc. and has been visionary about the direction and growth of the company and its entities from the beginning.  


Tell us the story behind your kids’ names.

I always loved the name Wren, and it turned out she was (and still is) tiny like a little bird, so her name is very fitting. Ivy was my great-grandmother’s name and I’ve always cherished the connection. Margot means “pearl” in French and after five years of waiting for her to join our family, she really is a pearl. 

2016 – McGee & Co. was launched

2017 – First ever McGee & Co. catalogue

2018 – Opened McGee & Co. storefront in Costa Mesa

2019 – McGee’s started building their dream home

2020 – Announced Dream Home Makeover

2021 – Margot joined the McGee family

2022 – 14 Years of Marriage

Date Posted
24 October 2022