Recreate Our Favorite Office Spaces

Our favorite office looks made easy

08 April 2021 -

While our team has been working remotely during this time, we’ve been thinking about ways to freshen up our home office spaces to make the day-to-day a little more beautiful.

For some of us, a home office means an entire dedicated space, and for others, a home office means a small desk in the corner of the bedroom. Regardless of its shape or size, a home office space has taken on a new meaning.

Today we’re pulling inspiration from some of our favorite office spaces and showing you how you can get the look with just a few accessories.
Here are some of our most loved offices:

Syd’s Dark & Moody Office

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You don’t need to re-paint or re-do your entire space to get the dark and moody office look. It can be as simple as adding a few accessories to your current desk situation to give it a fresh look. Try lighting a candle to set the tone, stacking a few books for height and adding an interesting statement object on top to bring more drama into the space.

Our Studio’s Light & Bright Office

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To get this light & bright look, try adding a hint of greenery, an inspirational coffee table book and a fresh scented candle to set the scene for a days work.

The Modern & Minimal Office

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You can recreate this modern & minimal look in your own space through shapely decor pieces, interesting details and a hint of sophistication.

Textural & Streamlined Office

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We love mixing and matching textural elements to create a personality-filled look in an office space. Create this look in your own office by layering rustic wood materials with metallic accents and character-filled art.

Layered Library Office

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Although we love ceiling-high bookshelves and rolling ladders, you don’t need a built-in display to bring a character-filled look to your office space. Start by stacking a few books to add dimension, and layer in eclectic accessories like faux plants and charming easel displays for your favorite artwork.

Simple & Sophisticated Office


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Even if your office space is small, don’t be afraid to layer in decor and artwork to bring focus to the space and add an element of personality.

Date Posted
08 April 2021