Questions We Ask Before Starting A Project

A behind the scenes look at our process.

16 February 2021 -

Good design is about so much more than the pretty pictures, paint swatches, and perfectly fluffed pillows, and today, we’re talking about a few details about our behind the scenes process.

As a design firm, getting to know your client is essential in helping them bring their vision to life, and although each project is unique, there are a few questions we always like to ask before we get to the drawing board.

If you’re getting started in the residential design industry, or even if you are working on designing or remodeling your own home, this post is for you!

Here are a few questions we suggest asking your client (or yourself) before starting a project:

How would you describe your style?

Pinpointing a style or aesthetic can be easier said than done, but we’ve found that it helps start compiling photos or sources that draw you in or catch your eye.

Once components of inspiration are gathered, it can be easier to find a common thread of design elements. You may start to notice that your collected sources all contain neutral, calming tones or large, modern windows.

Digging deeper into what you or your client is drawn to and why will help you start defining a style and selecting the features you want to include in your design.

What is the overall goal for this space?

“What is your goal for this project?” may seem like a simple question, but it understanding the intention behind a project contains many factors beyond a room’s primary function. 

We like to ask questions about everything from a day in day out use, to how our client envisions themselves living in this space, to where they want to drink their coffee in the morning. When it comes to where you spend your time, no detail is too small. 

Lifestyle informs every decision we make, from materials used to furniture layouts. Plus, these kinds of questions will help you start eliminating pieces or elements that may not work. 

What is working for you in your current space?

Whether you’re remodeling or moving into an entirely different space, it’s important to consider which aspects of your current home you love and want to keep. It could be anything from your favorite heirloom piece to a functional element that you want to be sure to incorporate. 

What isn’t working for you in your current space?

Just as it’s important to consider what does work for you in your current space, it’s good to consider what doesn’t work for you. Maybe you need more storage space, expanded seating options, or you’re dreaming of higher ceilings. Regardless, identifying what doesn’t work is another good way to start the process of decision making.

What are your main priorities for this project?

Regardless of budget or timeline, everyone has to narrow down their priorities and decide what they love most and what best works in the space. For some, it’s natural light; for others, it’s a finish or material. It’s ideal to have a clear idea of what you want to prioritize in your project early so that you make sure to make room spatially and in your budget and timeline.

Date Posted
16 February 2021