Q&A Live Recap: Shea McGee With Kohler

A recap of our recent live Q&A with Kohler!

09 June 2020 -

A few weeks ago, Shea joined our friends at Kohler to do a live Q&A on Instagram, and since then, we’ve received a few questions on how to watch it back!

Unfortunately, once an Instagram Live is over, the video can’t be saved. However, we transcribed the entire interview so those of you who missed it can read it, and today, we’re sharing it right here on the blog!

Keep scrolling to read Shea’s Q&A with Kohler below.

What is your favorite project you’ve completed?

Shea: That’s a hard one, it feels like picking a favorite child, but I have to say that the Modern Mountain Home comes to mind just because that was probably the first project we really designed from the ground up, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

How did you get your first client?

My approach to getting clients was organic in that our first projects were really our homes. I started expressing my love for design in our very first, tiny apartment, and then when we started remodeling our first home, I shared that process before I even had a business name. I think that if you start sharing those personal projects through social media, eventually someone will ask you to help with theirs, and one step at a time those small projects become bigger and bigger.


Where do you and your team look for inspiration?

We look everywhere for inspiration, and there are different types of inspiration. There’s an abstract inspiration that you gain from traveling somewhere or invigorating your senses, there’s color palette inspiration that you find in nature or textiles or books, and then there’s more literal inspiration like seeing a cabinet detail that you really love and taking your own spin on it. I love looking to nature and finding color inspiration from subdued, natural tones, and then creating a mood board to pull everything together.

How do you approach styling?

Our goal is to understand the client’s personal style and then take the Studio McGee spin on things. I don’t love trends because I think that they are just that, and when you’re investing in a home, you want longevity in your decisions. We try to approach trends by flexibly incorporating them through styling. It’s not easy to swap out a faucet, but it is easy to swap out your pillows, vases, and decor, so we use styling to infuse those trends we love.

Q&A Live Recap: Shea McGee With Kohler

What are some other ways you like to incorporate trends?

Shea: I find that incorporating trends into pieces that move is the best route. Using trendy furniture is a bit more of an investment, but you can still switch it out more quickly than you can an entire wallpapered wall. Colors ebb and flow, but neutrals are a safe way to ensure more longevity. Personally, I’m not doing bright cabinets because I don’t want to replace my cabinets once I’m sick of them, so I usually pick more neutral tones on the big finishes.

Are there rooms where you take bigger risks than others?

I would say that in smaller rooms, we tend to take bigger risks. For example, if we want to use a bold wallpaper, we’ll use it in a powder room rather than wallpapering the entire living room. I love making a big punch in a small space.

How did you arrive at “Make Life Beautiful” as your mission statement?

When we started our business, we weren’t in a place where things were going really well in our lives. Studio McGee was actually a solution to a very hard year in our lives. It was pretty ironic that we were struggling so much behind the scenes, and it dawned on me that design, and “making life beautiful,” isn’t just about pretty pieces. Our business had not been an easy path, but in every single struggle we’ve had we’ve found the good in that, so “Make Life Beautiful,” is an expression of that idea.

Q&A Live Recap: Shea McGee With Kohler

What are some ways to make your life and home more beautiful right now?

I love foraging, and now is the perfect time to do it. It’s a free way to go out and find beauty in nature, and it elevates your whole space. I’m also a big believer in making your bed in the morning; it makes a huge difference for me. Allow yourself to look at your space with fresh eyes; it’s not really about re-hauling everything. Sometimes all you need to refresh your space is a few new pillows or a new tray on the coffee table. For example, a new runner, a pretty soap bottle, and a little greenery will make your kitchen feel new; it’s the little things.

Q&A Live Recap: Shea McGee With Kohler

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09 June 2020