Our Take on Interior Design Trends in 2022
01/05 Design Tips

Our Take on Interior Design Trends in 2022

A few things we’re excited to see more of this year

The New Year comes with many shifts…

and whether or not you are the type to subscribe to the idea of resolutions or goals, there’s something special about setting intentions and looking forward to what’s ahead with each new calendar year. When it comes to the interior design space, the new year is often filled with debate about what’s “in” and “out”.  

Our team shares mixed feelings about the idea of trends in design, but the truth is, our homes are ever evolving and often a reflection of what is happening around us. It’s always fun to watch how the patterns of material, form, and influences ebb and flow from year to year, and we’re excited to share a few things we can’t wait to incorporate more of in 2022.  

The design pendulum is swinging back to traditionalism as we spend more and more time indoors and long for the feeling of comfort that timeless, warm elements bring to our spaces. This year, we’re encouraging our clients to welcome rich materials that bring depth to the home, and we’re excited to see a resurgence of traditional details in everything from architecture to product design. 

Here are a few design “trends” we’re anticipating this year: 

Pattern-heavy elements   

While we saw a lot of pattern-heavy elements in 2021, we’re anticipating even more in the year ahead. Large and small-scale patterns are becoming more apparent in everything from wallpaper to bedding to window treatments!   

While committing to a pattern can feel intimidating, there are countless ways to incorporate more patterns into your space that don’t involve covering your walls from floor to ceiling. Think patterned textiles, rugs, and even artwork! It’s all about playing with scale and maintaining a consistent color palette to keep your space feeling consistent and interesting. 

From the Gram

From our Historic Netflix Kitchen Remodel

Romantic materials & textures 

We’re excited to incorporate more romantic and whimsical design influences into our spaces this year and anticipate the continuation of fluted, reeded, scalloped, and ribbed, and lace materials. Not only do these elements soften our homes and bring a feeling of warmth and nostalgia, but they can bring dimensions to even the most minimal of color palettes.  

These romantic details feel unexpected when juxtaposed with modern elements and angular silhouettes and are easy to incorporate through both big and small furniture and decor selections. 

From the Gram

Exaggerated proportions  

Playing with scale is always a great way to keep things interesting in design, and this year, we’re excited to see even more exaggerated proportions in everything from statement-making lighting to sculptural-like vases and artwork. 

Even proportions in hard finishes like tile and hardware can feel exaggerated and draw the eye to every detail, giving any interior a custom and thoughtful feeling. 

From The McGee Home

From the Gram

Softened kitchen furnishings 

We’re excited about seeing more furniture-like builds in the kitchen and living-space-like decor in the kitchen this year. We’ve been using artwork in kitchens for years, and we love incorporating lamps and other unexpected décor and finish elements to soften the hard lines of kitchen cabinetry and appliances. 

From The Crestview House

Warmer material & color palettes  

From terracotta to deep brown hues and warm natural stone and woods, we’re expecting to see even more warm material and color palettes in 2022. After a few years of uncertainty in the outside world, these warm tones are comforting and inviting, encouraging you to sit down and stay awhile.  

Although warm and rusty tones are typically associated with autumn and winter months, we anticipate them having a year-round staying power as we continue to create spaces of refuge at home. 

From The McGee Home

From the Gram


While pedestals aren’t a new trend, we’re seeing more and more people incorporate them into their spaces, and we’re all for it!  

Pedestals can be a great way to add a new layer of material or texture in your home, fill an empty space, bring in height variation, or all of the above! 

We’re excited to see new variations on pedestal materials and colors, and we might even have a few to share in our upcoming collections with McGee & Co (hint hint). 

From our McGee & Co. 2021 Winter Catalogue

What are you looking forward to incorporating into your space this year? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

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Studio McGee
  1. One of my favorite trends that I am seeing a lot of on Instagram is the desire for an incredibly functional but fun mudroom/ laundry room space. This room used to just be closed off behind a door and forgotten. Now they are being designed with a lot of thought and intention.

  2. I’m obsessed with creamy white by Benjamin Moore in Sheas kitchen. For on trend warm tones, what other warm colours would you recommend for a kitchen island colour to compliment this shade?

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