How to Style a Christmas Tree

It's almost time to trim the tree

04 November 2021 -

Decorating the tree is one of our favorite holiday traditions… 

and as the focal point of our seasonal decor, we like to approach trimming the tree as we would designing any space — with careful consideration to layering materials, shapes, and personal elements.  

Each season, we love gathering with our families to celebrate the ritual of adding warmth and texture to each branch with celebratory accessories. Although there are countless ways to curate a tree look well, we’re excited to share our take and step-by-step guide here.  

Step 1: Start with a good base 

Much like when designing a room, it’s important to start with a good base when decorating a tree. Whether you prefer to choose a real one each year or opt for a faux option, finding one with full and textural branches makes all the difference.

When we design our trees at McGee & Co., we shape the molds from real trees to make them look and feel as realistic as possible. 

Step 2: Add in garland  

After adding lights, if the tree is not pre-lit, we like to add garland to bring in some tone and texture. Don’t be afraid to layer in multiple types of garlands to create dimension! We love using a variety of chunky and thin beads or wooden and metallic strands for contrast. 

Step 3: Add in a foundation with repetition  

Using repeating solid-hued ornaments helps the tree look feel unified and balanced. Plus, carrying something consistent throughout the tree makes it easier to layer your favorite pieces with more personality on top. 

If you’re using repeating ornaments in the same color, try using a variety of shapes to round out the look even more! 

Step 4: Layer in unique shapes and textures  

In our opinion, this is the most fun part! Once you have a good base and have created balance, it’s time to layer in textural statement pieces that bring personality to your tree. Your layered pieces could be anything from sentimental pieces to your favorite designer-detailed ornaments. 

When it comes to accent tree decor, we love to blend different styles to create a dimensional look. Juxtaposing natural, organic textures like woods and wovens with dressed-up materials like metallics creates a look that feels refined but relaxed. 

Step 5: Tie ribbons to highlight your palette 

Once we’ve added our ornaments, we like to add ribbons to tie in a color palette element that we may want to pull in or highlight more. We love using hand-dyed silk ribbons with woven edges ad tying them in loose bows or knots to get a more natural look. 

Step 6: Top it off with a star  

Last but certainly not least, top it all off with a pretty star to complete the look! Whether you go with a timeless shiny option or opt for something with a different texture like rattan or even wood, you can’t go wrong with this timeless touch.  


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Date Posted
04 November 2021