How to Style a Holiday Mantle

One mantle, two ways.

20 October 2020 -

There are countless ways to style a holiday mantel, but we have a few favorite go-to recipes.

We know it’s only October, but we’ve been dreaming about the holidays for a while now, and we just can’t wait to share our favorite tips on how we’re decking the halls this year.

Since the mantel is typically at the center of the home, we like to take an approach of simplicity to make sure it adds to, not subtracts from, the rest of the materials and pieces in the space.

Today, we’re going to show you two ways to apply our favorite step-by-step guide to styling a holiday mantel.

Step 1: Add a focal point.

When decorating any mantel, we like to start with a focal point. Whether it’s a scene-setting art piece or a statement mirror, a centered anchor draws the eye and creates balance.

Step 2: Set the scene with greenery.

There’s no better way to bring a festive feeling to your mantel than by adding a layer of dimensional greenery. From seeded eucalyptus to textural cedar, faux garlands set the scene for layering.

Step 3: Layer in decor.

When layering decor on a mantel, we like to create groupings to bring asymmetry to the look. Whether it’s a group of decorative trees or a layered art piece, try playing with different levels to get a balanced look.

Step 4: Hang your stockings.

Made to blend seamlessly into your space, our stocking collection is perfect for mixing or matching to curate your own look.

Step 5: Add in the details.

Personalize your stocking look with ornaments, bells, or ribbons to add extra thoughtful detail.

Date Posted
20 October 2020