Our Most Pivotal Projects Through The Years

Reflecting on the work that shaped us

19 August 2020 -

In any creative endeavor, reflecting on past work can bring insight and inspiration for forwarding momentum, and with the launch of our new book, Make Life Beautiful, we’re looking back on some of the work that has shaped us.

Although these projects vary in style, size, and location, they share the common thread of marking pivotal moments in aesthetics and development as a design team.

It’s so rewarding to look back at projects from five years ago and see that we made decisions that we still love to this day.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Midway House



“This project is near and dear to me as it is my parents’ home. After living in Texas for 20 years, they decided to leave the humidity and build their dream home in the mountains. Located just outside of Park City, Midway is quite possibly the most idyllic little town I’ve ever seen – the perfect place for grandkids to throw rocks in ponds, sled down hills, and “MOO” at the cows.”


Modern Mountain Home


“I started working on this project before Studio McGee was even an idea. Our clients asked us to put our “spin” on mountain modern and really trusted our vision throughout the process. I’m so glad they did because I could cry (oops, already have) I’m so happy with the result. This beautiful modern mountain home manages to be both streamlined and warm, luxe, and inviting all at the very same time.”



Windsong Project


“Our clients requested a Modern Farmhouse meets The Hamptons style, and I believe we achieved just that. Every picture our clients pinned had a lot of black and white with natural wood tones. We set the foundation of the home with that palette and added color through furniture, textiles, and accessories. I could move right in because I love this home so much.”

Cove Remodel



“You might recognize this project because it was the host of last year’s Spring/Summer Catalogue! We were lucky enough to have an old client bring us back to take on this massive remodel, and we still look at the before and afters in awe.”


Modern Lake House


“It takes years, many hands, and creative minds to design and build a house this beautiful, and the Modern Lake House is one of our favorites because not it represents how hard work pays off. We love the minimal, sculptural elements in this home and had so much fun playing with mixed materials like we never had before.”



SM Ranch House


“It’s always so cool to see a project take over two years, and by the end of it we’re still in love with it. And that’s what happened here! At the start, our clients wanted classic tradition, cozy, cabin. With lots of texture, warm whites, and iron details.”



The McGee Home


“After years of designing homes for our clients, we finally got to build our own! We learned so much during this project, and every little detail tells a story and creates the space we live our day-to-day in. Although we have revealed the main completed spaces, there are still a few more things to come, so stay tuned!”


Date Posted
19 August 2020