Our “Make Life Beautiful,” Q&A

An inside look into our first book!

16 July 2020 -

Recently, we announced something we’ve been working on for a long time: Our new book, Make Life Beautiful is now available for pre-order!

We couldn’t be more excited to give you an inside look into the story behind Studio McGee and tell our journey in a whole new light.

To celebrate, we’re sharing a Q&A about where we began, and how we arrived at our mantra “Make Life Beautiful”.

Watch our video below, and keep watching for more from behind the scenes of our new book!

“There were so many times throughout our journey where it didn’t really look like it was going to work, but we committed to each other early on that we were going to do everything we could to make it happen. Even now, years later if I ever start to feel doubt or hesitation, I remember our early commitment to each other, and that’s what we want to help others feel through our story.” – Syd McGee


Our "Make Life Beautiful," Q&A


“I am a designer I love to create beauty in peoples homes, but “Make Life Beautiful” became our mantra during a tough time in our lives. It’s all about making a conscious decision to enjoy the process and to create something good out of a not so good situation.” – Shea McGee


Our "Make Life Beautiful," Q&A


“I wanted our readers to walk away from the book and feel like they can jump over any hurdle that they face, and that if they just keep going, that they will continue to enjoy the benefits of persistence and dedication through a positive outlook. Design lover or not, there are takeaways for everyone in this book and in our journey, we have learned a lot of lessons that can be applied to many situations in life. ” – Shea McGee


Our "Make Life Beautiful," Q&A


Date Posted
16 July 2020