Our Favorite Ways to Incorporate Family Photos

Here’s how we style personal photos

23 June 2020 -

Recently, our team has gotten a lot of questions about how we incorporate personal family photos into our designs. Although we don’t gravitate towards the big staged family photo over the fireplace look, we do love to infuse personal photos and touches in our projects!

Since we switch out personal photos in most of our project reveals for our client’s protection, you might see a landscape photo where a family photo typically is. However, we wanted to share a few tips on incorporating them!

Scroll through (and use your imagination on the replacements) to see our favorite ways to style personal photos.

On Nightstands

Nightstands are the perfect place for personal photos because they are right there where you’ll see them often. Plus, a pretty frame can add a lot to your bedside look.

From our Beckham Project

From our SM Ranch House

From our Pine Brook Home

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In Built-ins

Our favorite way to incorporate family photos in our styling is by using them in built-ins! We love how personal photos breakup styled decor objects and create a lived-in feel.

Try placing your framed photos on top of a stack of books for added height or lean them alone in a frame to add dimension.

From our Calabasas Remodel

From Syd’s office in The McGee Home

From our Beckham Project

From The McGee Home

In a gallery wall

Gallery walls are another place we love to incorporate family photos. Whether it’s in a hallway, a bonus room, or on display in a great room, gallery walls are such a fun way to display your memories!

From our Northridge Remodel

From our Modern Lake House

From our Modern Lake House

From our OC Ranch Remodel

Stacked in a vignette

Stacking two photos to create a vignette is one of our favorite styling moves. If you have a small wall that you may have overlooked, try stacking two photos a few inches apart! You’ll be surprised how much it can change your space and draw the eye to make the room bigger.

From The McGee Home

From our California Traditional Project

From The McGee Home

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23 June 2020

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