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09 June 2021 -

An organized space is a beautiful space…

and we’ve been lucky to interview some of the best in the organizing game over the years. We might be biased, but we think this may just be the best organizing tip roundup yet. Scroll through for a few words of wisdom from the pros.

How do you keep organized without sacrificing style?

“I think the best place to start is to pare down what you own. There’s absolutely no point in storing things you don’t use and don’t love. Instead of spending money buying plastic bins to hold that useless stuff, go through your belongings and edit, edit, edit.

You may find, after decluttering, that you actually don’t have a lot left to organize. If you need extra storage, spend money buying some quality pieces—metal gym baskets, canvas bins, woven baskets, wooden crates. – Remodelista: The Organized Home.

What is the best way to keep kid’s toys organized in the living room?

“It’s important to designate a specific area in the living room where the toys will live. This allows kids to develop a sense of ownership, and they will be less likely to move playtime to other areas of the home. But more importantly, you must contain the items in a way that simplifies the clean-up process. Bulky items (stuffed animals, trucks, train sets) can be stored in large floor baskets, so toys are concealed with playtime is over, but still accessible. Items like puzzles and games can be stacked neatly on a shelf in rainbow order (of course!) Smaller items like Barbies, doll accessories, or blocks can be stored in stackable clear shoe boxes or modular drawers. Make sure to label each category and keep it general.” – The Home Edit

From our SM Ranch House Project.

Do you follow a specific step-by-step process when it comes to organizing?

“Editing is a crucial part of our methodology that allows us to fully access the space and the items it needs to accommodate. The first step is to remove everything from the space (and we mean everything). From there, we group items by category and pare them down to wants and needs, and purge the rest. With a pared-down supply, we can then decide on a functional system that fits the space and specific lifestyle.” – The Home Edit

How do you organize cleaning supplies? Do you store them under the sink or outside of the kitchen?

“This depends on whether you have small children in your home and how much space you have under your sink.

We suggest keeping one all-purpose cleaner under the sink, then the rest in another area. You can create a bin with your cleaners in it that can be pulled out when it’s time to clean.

For many clients with small children, the bin can be placed on a higher shelf in the kitchen so they stay out of reach. We also find that clients have more cleaners than they need. Editing cleaners is a great way to create space. Consider purchasing multi-use products. Anything you decide you don’t need can be taken to a local recycling center for proper disposal.” – NEAT Method

The McGee Home Laundry Room.

What’s your favorite way to store produce you don’t want to refrigerate?

“If it’s produce you want to encourage your family to eat, we always suggest putting it in a pretty bowl and setting it somewhere everyone can reach. If it’s produce for meals to be made throughout the week, place it in a woven basket, for air circulation, and add it to your pantry. We frequently create “Dinner Prep” baskets for client pantries. All the shelf-stable ingredients for the week’s dinners go directly from the grocery bag to that basket.” – NEAT Method

Can you define “enforced order” and how that can be uninviting?

“Life happens. And life isn’t always tidy. We’re not interested in pristine, clinical interiors. What’s important is making sure that good systems are in place (the hard part), so that we ultimately don’t have to waste time locating our keys or rooting around for a certain scarf among dozens. Enforced order can be off-putting and complicated. Simplicity—less stuff, well-thought-out routines—is the kind of order we’re after.” – Remodelista: The Organized Home.

Date Posted
09 June 2021