Our Favorite McGee & Co. Catalogues of The Past

In anticipation of our Winter McGee & Co. Catalogue Launch, we take a look back at a few of our favorites  

19 September 2022 -

A fresh season brings some fresh inspiration—  

— and we’re honoring the launch of McGee & Co.’s winter catalogue with a look back at some of our favorite issues of the past. Some of our most anticipated days here at Studio McGee are when the crisply printed pages of a new catalogue hit our desks, the culmination of a year’s worth of work from our design teams. These catalogues communicate the vision of our brand and what we’re inspired by at the moment. Some of our favorites of the past highlight the pure bliss of a poolside cocktail on a balmy summer day, while others portray that special feeling of when your home is decked for the holidays. Whatever the season is we’re celebrating, the inspiration from McGee & Co. remains the same. Until the winter catalogue launches on November 8, we’ll settle for a look back at our favorites from the past four years.  

No. 01 Spring/Summer 2020  

Remember this year? The world was grappling with the fallout from a global pandemic and we were all confined to our homes dreaming of a refresh. The backyard vibes from this launch was exactly what we needed to be reminded that there is endless amounts of beauty in the world.  

"Sharing meals comes with an opportunity to gather together in the heart of the home and celebrate the little moments."

- Shea McGee

No. 02 Fall/Winter 2021  

For this issue, Shea was inspired by the act of coming together with your friends and your family, to share a meal or just quality time with the ones we love. We’re obsessed with the coziness of this issue, and the fact that everything in it invites us to sit down and stay awhile. Perhaps one of our favorite moments from this season was this beautifully shot video guiding us through baking molasses ginger spice cookies.  

“Whether it's creating an intimate gathering space in the rooms where we spend the most time or enriching existing spaces with layers of textiles, warm palettes, and decor, winter is a time to design with intentionality.”

- Shea McGee

No. 03 Spring/Summer 2022 

The latest issue to hit our desks was coincidently one of our favorites. Ahh the joy that comes with a summer spent outside. In this issue Shea talks a lot about being inspired by the everyday, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s those barefoot, backyard moments that mean the most.  

No. 04 Fall/Winter 2019 

There are multiple reasons as to why we loved this issue but a big one is because it was the first time we got to take a look inside the McGee’s new home. There is truly inspiration around every corner for Shea and for ourselves.  

“This home is much more to us than furniture and decor. We're looking at the kitchen that'll bake Santa's cookies this year and for many more to come. A house is built, but a home is enjoyed. Although we planned every corner, know every outlet, and will get to fill every drawer, we see this space evolving and changing as we settle in.”

- Shea McGee

Date Posted
19 September 2022