Our Design Team’s Install Kit: What’s in the Bag

The top tools and essentials to help you furnish your space.

21 January 2022 -

The most exciting part of incorporating new décor into your home is the installation… 

and we’re sharing the must-haves for your own personal (or professional) install kit. We chatted with our design and styling teams and got all the intel on their go-to tools for ensuring a successful setup. The install kit is the bag they keep on hand with everything from electric scissors (save your hands when cutting rug pads!), to their favorite snacks and water bottle to keep them energized and hydrated. Here are the tried-and-true essentials in their kit: 

Handheld Steamer

One of our top essentials and one of your most frequently asked questions – which steamer do we prefer? The answer: this one! We take it everywhere. Small enough to fit in our bag but still powers through days of steaming table linens, drapery, and bedding.  

Shark Wandvac

This is a must-have in our kit! It’s perfect for cleaning up any bits of Styrofoam when unpacking, dirt when repotting, or dust bunnies when moving furniture away from the wall. 

Wood Handled Secateurs

We always have a pair of these in our bag. They’re great for pruning plants or trimming flowers. Bonus: they’re beautiful, too! 

Folex Cleaner

This is great to have on hand for any stains or dirt that somehow make it onto the upholstery during an install. Everything comes out with this cleaner! 

Furniture Sliders

These are great to have at the ready; if a piece of furniture is too heavy to carry, furniture sliders come to the rescue. We always use these or felt pads to make sure we don’t scratch the floor when moving those larger pieces of furniture.  

Command Hooks

An absolute staple! These hooks are great to hang lightweight art with. We often use these when staging art for our McGee & Co. shoots.  

Little Secrets

No one wants to be hangry while they’re exerting energy, working hard to bring all the pieces in a space together. Our team can’t get enough of these snacks, and you will find them in our kit at any given moment.  

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Our Design Team’s Install Kit: What’s in the Bag

Our Design Team’s Install Kit: What’s in the Bag

Our Design Team’s Install Kit: What’s in the Bag

Our Design Team’s Install Kit: What’s in the Bag

Date Posted
21 January 2022