Our Book “Make Life Beautiful,” is Available Now!

We're so excited to share our story with you.

27 October 2020 -

Today is the day! Our book, “Make Life Beautiful,” is now available.

We’ve always done our best to share our story with those who have followed along with us on our journey, but in “Make Life Beautiful,” we’re able to dive deep into what brought us to where we are today.

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"Make Life Beautiful is about finding the good in challenging situations and looking for bright spots in your everyday. We've been able to take our challenges and turn them into opportunities, and we wrote this book because we want you to feel empowered to create a beautiful life for yourself."

Shea McGee

Watch our book trailer below for a closer look at our journey and intention behind writing our first book!

Behind the scenes of writing make life beautiful:

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Date Posted
27 October 2020