Organization Webisode – Shea’s Favorite Tips

Our latest webisode on all things organization!

09 January 2020 -

This week we’ve been lucky to have some experts join us on the blog to talk about diving into each space to clean it out for the new year. So far, we’ve covered the kitchen, the bedroom, and the living room!

Today, we’re giving it our own spin, and talking about our favorite ways to blend organization with the design of your home. We spent some time with Shea to pick her brain about everything from what she puts on her countertops to how she hides her kids’ toys. You can see her tips in action on this week’s webisode and shop the looks below!

“I’m a big believer that good organization is more than just a few plastic bins; it needs to balance form and function.” – Shea McGee

“Produce is something we like to display, one because it’s beautiful, and two because you don’t want it to perish. It’s nice to have quick access to it in large bowls or wire baskets.” -Shea McGee

shop bowls

“I like to put a tray by the stove; then, I can corral all the things I use every day cooking like a crock with spoons and spatulas, olive oil and vinegar, a salt cellar, and even a spoon rest. That way, they’re not floating out on the counter.” – Shea McGee

shop crocks and trays below

“I think there are two types of storage, closed for hiding away the stuff you don’t want to see every day, and open, for displaying things that can be beautiful and useful. I use closed storage to hide away my kid’s snacks that don’t have the prettiest packaging, things like tea packets, and candy that I’m trying to hide, so I don’t remember it’s there.” – Shea McGee

Beck Pines 3-64.jpg

shop baskets

Styling tip: Use trays and boxes in every room to place items like remotes, keys, coasters, and other things that need a landing spot.

shop trays and boxes

Date Posted
09 January 2020