Mountainside Retreat: The Basement Dining Nook & Great Room

More details from our latest project.

08 September 2021 -

A beautiful modern staircase…

takes you from the entryway to the basement of our Mountainside Retreat project. Designed with Lloyd Architects and Jackson and Leroy, this home is built with streamlined, contemporary elements that create a serene setting for our client’s large family.

A white stringer….

softens the staircase, complementing the wood tread and glass railing to bring a light and airy feeling to the entire space. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you see a game table and dining setup designed to accommodate our client’s love for entertaining.

Mountainside Retreat: The Basement Dining Nook & Great Room

The double-sided fireplace… 

is a continuation of the fireplace upstairs, with a few minor adjustments. We decided to go a bit smaller on the firebox, and then we added this tall wood storage niche on one side to bring in warmth and texture.  

The dining nook…

is complete with a round light-oak dining table, timeless black chairs, and a black and white pendant to center the look.

In the gathering space… 

we took advantage of the large space and incorporated a massive sectional for the family to watch tv. The warm grey built-in adds a subtle color and provides a styling opportunity to bring in different tones and textures to the space.  

Mountainside Retreat: The Basement Dining Nook & Great Room

Completed by a lot of mixed and matched textiles on the sofa, and a large commissioned piece of contemporary artwork, the result feels both interesting and relaxing. 

Next, we designed a custom console in-between the sofa and ping pong table styled with found urns and beautiful accessories to fill the space and add more visual interest to the space .  

Date Posted
08 September 2021