Monthly Musings | June

03 June –

The next in our series, Monthly Musings, where we highlight the shapes, colors, and trends that inspired me this month. xo Shea

June brings the warmth of early summer to Utah, with long days and lush landscapes in full bloom. I am continually inspired by the colors and energy of the season. This month, I am feeling drawn to the subdued hues of golden yellows, warm tans, and rich blues, complemented by rattan, seagrass, and light-tone wood. The interplay of these elements evokes a sense of relaxed elegance and effortless style, perfectly capturing the essence of summer’s arrival. xo Shea

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From top left: Henriette Timber Leather Bow Sandal, Dana White Oak Nightstand, Button-up Midi Dress in Linen, Mattia Hand Painted Bowl, Amalfi Crochet Straw Clutch, Mill Shirt in Wide Striped Cotton Poplin, Philippa Settee, Sailor-collar Pullover Sweater, Paolo Marble Box.


Monthly Musings | June

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03 June