MasterClass Shop the Look

If it's shoppable, it's linked below.

13 July 2023 -

We’ve really enjoyed watching everyone engage with Shea’s Session by Masterclass, Design a Space You Love, since it launched on May 16. Hearing your reviews like, “Loved the MasterClass! It really helped me to create a moodboard and go from there,” has been a joy to Shea and the whole team here at Studio McGee. From the start, Shea’s mission has been to create an inclusive, open community where ideas can be shared and design solutions are traded at ease. One of the most common questions we’ve received is, “where can I get everything she used to style the space in the class?” To answer, we’ve put together a shop the look for everything in Shea’s MasterClass livng room. If it’s shoppable, it’s linked below.

See more information about the class here and sign up for a MasterClass membership here to start learning.

Date Posted
13 July 2023