Living Room Organization Q&A With The Home Edit

Everything from kids toys to electronics!

08 January 2020 -

This week we’re focusing on all things organization.

So far, we’ve talked about the kitchen and the bedroom. Today, we’re focusing on our personal favorite, the living room! Although we love a well-organized space, we are no experts, so we asked our friends at The Home Edit to help us out!

The Home Edit is a professional organization company focused on merging ordered spaces with design. We love the way they can make any group of items look beautiful with their method, and we were so excited to chat with them about living room organization!

Organizing the great room or living room can be daunting, especially with minimal storage space. Luckily, The Home Edit let us in on their best tips for organizing everything from kids’ toys to electronics.

Photos from The Home Edit

What is the best way to keep kids’ toys organized in the living room?

It’s important to designate a specific area in the living room where the toys will live. This allows kids to develop a sense of ownership, and they will be less likely to move playtime to other areas of the home. But more importantly, you must contain the items in a way that simplifies the clean-up process. Bulky items (stuffed animals, trucks, train sets) can be stored in large floor baskets, so toys are concealed with playtime is over, but still accessible. Items like puzzles and games can be stacked neatly on a shelf in rainbow order (of course!) Smaller items like Barbies, doll accessories, or blocks can be stored in stackable clear shoe boxes or modular drawers. Make sure to label each category and keep it general.

What is your favorite way to store extra blankets?

A linen closet or a cabinet near the living area is the most ideal. But if someone is short on space, a large floor bin is just as functional. Floor bins also add a stylized touch to any room, which is a bonus.

How often do you suggest editing a space once you’ve completely organized it?

The easiest way to maintain a space is by following the system on a daily basis. If you’ve done it right, you should have a system that works not only for the size of your space and amount of things but the function of that particular space. This means that any upkeep should be minimal and as simple as putting things back where they belong—or what we sometimes refer to as a “mini-edit” every few weeks. 

What is the best way to organize extra cords or electronics?

For cords: Use a cord wrap or cable tie to differentiate the wires and prevent them from taking over your desk or media console. The wraps come in a variety of colors that can be used to categorize the cords. We also suggest cord reels that conceal and shorten them if they are out on display. 

For electronics: Group the items by category and store in stackable bins, labeled accordingly. If you don’t use the electronics very often, they should be stored on a high shelf or somewhere less accessible, so you don’t waste valuable real estate. 

Do you follow a specific step-by-step process when it comes to organizing?

Editing is a crucial part of our methodology that allows us to fully access the space and the items it needs to accommodate. The first step is to remove everything from the space (and we mean everything). From there, we group items by category and pare them down to wants and needs, and purge the rest. With a pared-down supply, we can then decide on a functional system that fits the space and specific lifestyle.

What’s one piece of organizing advice you find yourself giving most often?

START SMALL. AND WE MEAN IT. The biggest mistake is getting too ambitious without the right tools–it will just leave you overwhelmed. A single drawer is the best jumping-off point because it’s manageable and will give you your first big win. It’s all about staying motivated. Start with a smaller project, then take the confidence and knowledge you gain from that and apply it to a slightly larger project. 

Which McGee & Co. products are on your wish list for organization?

Tough question…BECAUSE WE WANT ALL OF IT. But if we had to narrow it down, the ladders are perfect for hanging towels, blankets, or even as a stylized piece in an entryway. The baskets are an obvious choice, too. All of the designs blend form and function and can be matched to fit the aesthetic in a home. 

Date Posted
08 January 2020