Layering Seating In An Open Concept Space

A few ways to add more form + function to any living area

04 May 2022 -

Thinking out of the box with your seating can make all the difference in an open concept space.  

Once we have the basics — the sofa, the chairs, and the coffee table, we like to think about adding layers through extra seating pieces. Adding layered seating brings more function to your space, but it can add more form, too. If you’re looking for some layered seating inspiration, scroll through for a few ways to add more dimension and function to your open concept living space. 

From our Rye, NY Project

Adding in ottomans  

Ottomans can be used in so many different ways to add extra seating and bring in a new texture. Style two by your fireplace tucked away under a console table or even alone to add a new element. 

From our McGee & Co. 2022 Summer Catalogue

"In an open-concept space, mixing seating is really key to achieving a very cool and intentional look."

- Shea McGee

From our Cove Remodel

From our Beckham Project

From the Cliffside Netflix Remodel

Styling extra chairs effortlessly  

Having a few extra chairs around for added dining or lounge seating doesn’t have to feel unintentional, and sometimes an added one-off chair is just what a vignette needs to feel complete. We love incorporating chairs next to a wall space by a hutch or piece of furniture that just needs a little extra something to add symmetry (or asymmetry). 

From our McGee & Co. 2022 Summer Catalogue

From our Crestview House

Upholstered coffee table   

If you need extra seating in your living space, an upholstered coffee table can be a great way to add seating in lieu of a more traditional coffee table, especially if you have little ones that may bump into the edges. We use an upholstered ottoman at The McGee Home, and we love how it can be used as seating when needed. Add a tray for styling books or placing candles, and it’s instantly more functional!

From The Sunset House

Date Posted
04 May 2022