Introducing Target + Studio McGee!
04/04 Design

Introducing Target + Studio McGee!

“Threshold – designed with Studio McGee” is now available online!

Today is the day! Our new multi-year partnership with Target “Threshold – designed with Studio McGee” is now available online! 

When we started this collaboration, the world looked a lot different, but our hope remains the same – that this collection would bring a little bit of joy and a touch of beauty to your homes through elevated pieces at an incredible value.

We'll be talking about some of our favorite pieces from the collection and tips for styling them in your home throughout the next week. For now, take a seat, put your feet up, and get ready for a little online shopping!

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Studio McGee
  1. Such a great collection. Everything I went to order was sold out so maybe they will restock? Congrats

  2. This is my favorite Target collab ever! Any idea when the pieces will be available online? I’d like to purchase, but most are not available in my area in Southern California. And with our "Shelter in Place," I can’t go trekking to different Targets, or any Targets for that matter. Congrats on your collection!

    1. We’ve learned that many items from the collection will replenish, so keep checking back for availability. Thank you for shopping and your excitement surrounding this launch of our multi-year partnership!!

  3. I was so so so excited to see this partnership! Set my alarm to remind me when the collection went live, but tons of stuff is already sold out. Hoping they restock soon! I have admired your aesthetic for some time and hopefully can get my hands on some of these pieces soon.

  4. Congratulations on the collaboration with Target! How exciting!! Love the collection but I’m sad most of the items are already sold out 🙁 Waiting for them to restock and hoping it would be soon!

  5. I’ve never been more excited for a Target release! I "hearted" pretty much the entire collection. I was able to get a few things but many items
    sold out so fast! I can’t wait to see what I ordered in person and hope to score more if available! Thank you Shea and congratulations!

  6. Hi Shea! I did exactly as you said, added items to my favorites and then went online at midnight but I wasn’t able to get anything I wanted. Items say in stock but they won’t ship to my zip code in NY? It says I can go to the store but that’s not an option at the moment. Unfortunately, as much as I love them, your pieces are non essentials, so home I stay:( Hoping you have solutions???

    1. Hi Amy! We’re so sorry!! We’ve learned that many items from the collection will replenish, so keep checking back for availability. Thank you for shopping and your excitement surrounding this launch of our multi-year partnership!!

  7. I’m so excited to get my hand on some of these beautiful items! Thanks for making your style so accessible, now I just have to wait for Target to restock!

  8. I already drove to Target in Eagle Rock to pick up my faves from your new line. I especially love the pillows, and throws!, because sheltering at home makes soft textiles a huge priority. Words can’t possible express my excitement and gratitude that you partnered with Target to create a new line of quality products at an affordable price!!!

  9. There was no time given as to when the collection would be available online; everything sold out as soon as it appeared to be available for purchase

    1. Hi Catherine! Target will be re-stocking many items soon, so keep checking in on the products on your wishlist. Thank you 🙂

  10. I wanted to get my entry done, many items sold out but we did it! I design locally and this is a great way to incorporate high and low items of yours and stretch a budget. So when the opportunity came to get Studio Mcgee locally here in Fl. I did not hesitate. Some items I had them put in my car for me and wiped down. However, I was so excited to get Studio McGee items! Some shipped as well. Wonderful message today on your blog. I hope your family(we love seeing girls and Syd) and your staff stay safe and healthy and hope our posts bring you a little bit of joy! This will be a great way for some of my clients to achieve your style at a more affordable price point. As always love, love, love your style!

    1. Hi Wendy! That is so great to hear! Thank you so much! We’re glad you are practicing caution at this time and were able to get a few things from the collection! 🙂

  11. Just like many have already asked, when will items be restocked? I can’t tell you how excited I am for this collaboration. I am redoing my living room and tv room and I am using so many of these items! Hope they will be restocked soon. Thank you!

    1. Many items from the collection will replenish soon, so keep checking back for availability. 🙂

  12. Congratulations, most items are sold out. Not surprised at all. Love the line you’ve created for Target. My daughter has picked out her chair, boxes, pillows, art work and rug for her new bedroom from your line in Target. Thanks Shea.

  13. I love the collection and was so excited to order, however, most of what I wanted sold out. Will Target be restocking.

    1. We’re so sorry!! We’ve learned that many items from the collection will replenish, so keep checking back for availability. Thank you for shopping and your excitement surrounding this launch of our multi-year partnership!!

  14. I am so excited about this collab! Most items I wanted sold out so fast, but I have been buying them little by little as I’m notified of them back in stock. Keep your wonderful products coming, you are my favorite designer ever!

  15. Shea and McGee & Co crew, just a quick note to let you know that during these crazy times, each morning after I get my three small kiddos situated with their morning blankets, cartoon, milk etc. I have been popping onto youtube and watching all of your old videos with my morning cup of coffee. It grounds me for the day. It fills me with so much inspiration and peace. Now I am endlessly restyling everything in sight with what we already have and falling back in love with our simple home that is usually just a landing space for our typically very hectic schedules. Thank you for all you do and share with your followers. It means so much!

    1. Thank you so much, Meghan! This makes us so happy to hear. So glad you’re falling back in love with your home. 🙂

  16. Shea & Co. I have been a long time follower. I am a complete home decor enthusiast and everything you touch is gold. There isn’t a designer I love more and believe me, I follow them all. Your portfolio is always my go-to inspiration for every space we have completed in our dream home. We heed all your design tips (RIP cherry kitchen). I almost teared up when I saw your line for Target, it’s time the world knew about your incredible and unique aesthetic.
    As far as current times, I am a registered nurse and my husband is a nurse practitioner in a critical care setting. We are on the front lines of the nations pandemic right now. As you can imagine, it’s been incredibly stressful and taxing on us and our 3 small children. We spend long nights helping these people fight for their lives. At the end of each terrible night I come home and unwind in my bed with your blog and your beautifully created videos. On my last massive shop for quarantine groceries I had 2 carts and I purchased almost every piece in your Target line (but I most love that white table lamp and large abstract art piece)! I cannot wait to see what else you create, how you style the Target pieces and for the full reveal of your own dream home. Thank you for all the inspiration and light you have brought to my life, especially now.

    Thank you,
    Jessica Aboagye MSN, RN-BC

    1. Hi Jessica! This means so much and makes us so happy to hear that you find joy in reading our blog and that you found some pieces at Target! Thank you so much for following along our journey and supporting us as well as your patients during this difficult time. We are sending love to you and your family!

  17. WOW!!!!! I finally braved a trip to Target and saw some of your AMAZING collection. I want everything! Thank you SO much for the joy!
    MN fan

  18. Congratulations!!! I have followed your videos and advice for many years! So very happy and excited for your new adventure! Wishing you and your family the very best now and always!! Keep smiling and doing what both you and your hubby love to do most!

  19. Congratulations to a successful launch! I am late to the party and so many lovely items are sold out already! But I managed to pick up some in store although they are sold out online. Will we see more new items coming in the near future?

  20. Love this collection and I’m excited about the items I was able to get! Will all items restock at some point or only certain things? I really want the Brighton distressed rug but it has been sold out and I’m wondering if I should keep waiting or buy something else? 🙁

  21. This is so exciting especially about your multi-year partnership! Thank you for this local opportunity to experience your products and purchase.

    I know items will be restocking and is it ok to ask about a specific item here? Patiently waiting 😉 If so, will the green waffle cotton throw be back in stock? My space is coming together and missing this one piece for that perfect aesthetic balance.

    Proud following fan,
    Amanda in Florida

  22. Restocking? Most items are wiped out at stores (or they got very few pieces) and are out of stock online. Asked two stores if they knew any details on restock and they said they have no idea when/if. Items are nice but tough time to do a new launch considering most items are made outside of the US.

    1. Same. Would LOVE to see a restock of those Upholstered Ottomans. They went SO quickly and were impossible to find in stores here in NYC.

  23. Hello,

    I am a die hard Studio McGee fan and was incredibly happy when I saw your partnership with Target as they are super budget friendly prices! I have been eyeing the Black Woven Console Table since the day it was launched but it has always said "not able to ship to zip code" and "not available at stores". I literally DREAM about this console table and would consider shipping it to a friends house/other Target location and making a road trip out of it. Will this product ever be available for MO/KS in store or to ship to? Are you able to share which locations it is available at?

    The Black Woven Console Table Dreamer

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