Interior Inspiration: Layers of Influence

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28 February 2020 -

It’s been a while since we’ve done an inspiration post, but we love sharing other designers’ work that catches our eye or sparks creativity. It’s easy to get stuck in the bubble of your work, but we’ve always been believers that finding inspiration is an important part of the process of creating. Whether that comes from travel, history, or Pinterest boards, those layers of influences bring depth to each project and vignette.

These images below are recent sources of inspiration for us. They all contain juxtapositions of styles, textures, and materials that work together to fill the spaces they live in beautifully.

We love how these simple, streamlined stairs contrast with the vintage rug and decor in this entryway moment from Sheila Bouttier’s LA home.

The pocket doors, bathtub, and lighting here made us stop in our tracks.

There’s something about the leather-wrapped sconce and bench paired with the carefully mixed textiles here that feels lived-in yet refined —a combination we’re always drawn to.

These putty-colored cabinets with brass accents remind us of the McGee Home kitchen (full reveal coming soon!). Plus, you know we love styling artichokes in bowls on the counter, double win.

Design by  Katie Hodges.

Design by Katie Hodges.

You might have seen this image by designer Katie Hodges already; it’s everywhere right now, and for good reason! How charming is this breakfast nook?

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Date Posted
28 February 2020