Interior Inspiration: 2020 Vision

Some things we've been inspired by lately.

17 January 2020 -

Earlier this week, we talked about how our team is thinking about how to move away from trends in 2020. We got a lot of responses from many of you also feeling “trend fatigue” and confusion around how to approach design in your own homes.

As we think about how to approach design sustainably this year, we want to emphasize the intention of our mission to “make life beautiful,” and how that translates differently for each individual and home. We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again, but the pretty pictures on Instagram are never the whole story, there is so much behind the scenes work that goes into each project, image, and vignette.

Our goal is to inspire how you think about design, not dictate it. What truly matters is that your surroundings make you happy and bring you joy, and we only hope that we might do or post something that inspires the way you live more beautifully.

On that note, we wanted to share some things we’ve been inspired by lately. Here are some images that stopped us in our tracks this week:

Design by Ben Pentreath .

Design by Ben Pentreath.

Design by Colombe Studio.

Design by Colombe Studio.

Design by Angela Wheeler.

Design by Angela Wheeler.

Date Posted
17 January 2020