Inside The Trend | Quilting

We're loving the resurgence of this time-honored craft.

10 August 2023 -

There are so many nostalgic elements that have come back into style this year and we’re loving it. The latest trend is one that used to be reserved for a rocking chair and a game of Jeopardy: quilting. What was once a technique to craft family heirlooms has now made its way to our closets. The craft’s modern revival elevates any piece with boxy stitches and textural variations that add dimension and depth. Here are a few of our quilted favorites.

From top left: Emerson Jacket in Quin Patchwork from Sézane x Sea NY, Lilia Quilted Crossbody Bag from Oroton, Toiletry Bag in Green Floral from Sézane, Vintage Textile l from McGee & Co, Cropped Quilted Barn Jacket from J.Crew, Leal Jacket from Veronica Beard, Briony Gauze Quilt from our McGee & Co. 2023 Spring Shoot, Chaucer Quilt from McGee & Co., Leander Quilt from McGee & Co.

Date Posted
10 August 2023