Inside The Trend | Open-Weave Knits

We're loving the light, relaxed nature of airy knits for summer.

15 June 2023 -

Depending on where you live, wearing light, breathable materials in the heat of the summer is essential. We’re really loving all of the open-weave knits we’re seeing in fashion this year, from Everlane’s Crochet Knit set to Varley’s Delaney Knit Vest. We also love seeing how this material trend is translating into interiors. From the cane-front doors of McGee & Co.’s Sorren Cabinet to the Joanie Woven Coasters in loosely woven mendong grass. The key to this trend is light and airy, effortlessly sophisticated. Here, a few of our favorite looks to master the open-weave knit trend.

From top left: Rosa Tote from Bembien, Grande Fanny from Clare V., Wovens from Margaux, Lexia Cropped Cotton Sweater from Banana Republic, Vintage Bamboo Chairs (Set of 6) from McGee & Co., The Crochet Knit Cami from Everlane, Delaney Knit Vest from Varley, Joanie Woven Coasters (Set of 4) from McGee & Co., Gloria Cane Placemat from McGee & Co., Elowyn Outdoor Dining Chair from McGee & Co., Sorren Cabinet from McGee & Co.


Date Posted
15 June 2023