Inside the Trend | 90s Ralph Lauren

Deep tones, luxurious materials, and plenty of plaid.

19 October 2023 –

We are loving the resurgence of 90s Ralph Lauren style, which is characterized by browns and blues, stripes and plaids, and exquisite, raw materials like wood and leather.

East Coast prep meets Upstate equestrian with a heavy emphasis on craftsmanship and legacy. In interior design, this translates to perfectly patinaed antiques, wool rugs in time-honored patterns, and a touch of Old Money Americana. Here, some 90s Ralph Lauren inspired interiors from Studio McGee and a few pieces that will help you get the look yourself.

From top left: Bellevue Velvet Pillow Cover, Maxine Pillow Cover, Stallion on Canvas Board, Keir Fired Brick Ceramic Vase, Allerton Plaid Throw, Corduroy-collar Denim Jacket, Berkeley Tote in Leather and Suede, Flag Cotton Crewneck Sweater, Whitney Weejuns Loafer.

Date Posted
19 October 2023