Inside Shea's Kitchen Garden

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Join us as we step into the McGee’s backyard to get a behind-the-scenes look at Shea’s garden. Watch below to see how Shea and Nicole of Gardenary transformed the space.

If you have been following along for a while you might remember touring the McGee’s backyard and catching a glimpse of the cedar garden boxes filled with growing flowers and vegetables. Shea has always naturally gravitated toward gardening, and had a lot of success, but she knew that she would need help taking it to the next level. Shea was excited to bring in an expert, Nicole Burke of Gardenary to learn how to produce more crops from the plants, how to make better use of every square inch, and how to extend the garden’s life into the fall. Shea and Nicole have designed, planted, and cultivated the start of a dreamy backyard garden (look at those trellises!). Watch the webisode below to get a behind-the-scenes look at the McGee garden transformation.

Date Posted
23 May