How to Style a Console Table

Make a good first impression

16 August 2021 -

The entryway introduces the aesthetic of your home… 

and console table styling plays a big role in setting the mood. Although each home is unique, there are a few console table styling tricks that we tend to incorporate again and again to bring our entryway looks to life. 

Styling a console table is all about creating moments that bring more function and personality to your space, and it can be easier said than done! 

Here are a few of our go-to console table styling tricks: 

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Step No. 1: Ground The Bottom 

When we’re styling open consoles, we like to ground the bottom with more substantial items to balance visual weight. Baskets are a great go-to because they bring extra storage for shoes while simultaneously adding great textural detail. To make things more interesting, try styling larger, shapely pieces like vases or even stacked coffee table books.  

As a rule of thumb, make sure whatever items you style on the bottom are tall enough to leave only a small space between them and the top of the console. 

From The Cliffside Netflix Remodel

Step No. 2: Elevate The Top 

Above entryway consoles, we like to hang or lean a larger piece to pull it all together. We love using artwork to set the mood for the rest of the home or incorporating a mirror perfect for checking yourself on the way out the door. Styling a large piece above a console table also creates a focal point and draws the eye in, balancing the rest of the look.  


From our AZ Homestead Project

Step No. 3: Add Significant Accessories 

When styling any vignette, starting with the big pieces always simplifies the process. Bring in your significant pieces — lamps, a large vase, stacked books, or more layered artwork, first, and then take a step back and evaluate how it feels. If something looks off, consider matching the scale of the two pieces on either side of the console. For example, if you have a large lamp on the left, adding a vase on the right with a similar scale or size can easily bring cohesion. 

From our Home on The Ranch

Step No. 4: Style The Details 

Once you have the main components, it’s time to add the details! 

There are countless ways to style a console table, but we love incorporating a candle for scent, a tray or box to corral keys, small sculptural decor pieces, and of course, greenery! 

From The McGee Home Entryway

Date Posted
16 August 2021