Styling Your Console Table: Our Guide
03/05 Design Tips

Styling Your Console Table: Our Guide

Form + function

Although each home is unique, there are a few console table styling tricks that we tend to incorporate again and again to bring our entryway looks to life.

Styling a console table is all about creating moments that bring more function and personality to your space, and it can be easier said than done!

Here are a few of our go-to console table styling tricks:

Step No. 1: Ground the bottom

When we’re styling open consoles, we like to ground the bottom with more substantial items to balance visual weight. Baskets are a great option for consoles with minimal storage, but don’t be afraid to style larger contrasted shapely pieces as we did in the photo below!

As a rule of thumb, make sure whatever items you style on the bottom are tall enough to leave only a small space between them and the top of the console.

Shop grounding pieces

Cordova Basket
Wooden Door Stop
Lombok Rattan Basket

Step No. 2: Elevate the top

Above entryway consoles, we like to hang or lean a larger piece to pull it all together. Typically, we use artwork or a mirror. Minimal wall space? Try leaning a shorter, longer piece.

Focal favorites

Arminta Mirror
Midnight Tide
Beckton Mirror

Step No. 3: Add Significant Accessories

Add some height and visual weight with significant pieces like lamps, large vases, or even layered artwork. Stacking books underneath a piece of decor can also bring an interesting dimension to the look. 

Styling Your Console Table: Our Guide
Styling Your Console Table: Our Guide
Styling Your Console Table: Our Guide

Shop statement decor

India Clay Pot
Iron Cubed Object

Step No. 4: Style the details

Once you have the main components, it’s time to add the details!

There are countless ways to style a console table, but we love using greenery or floral stems, decorative objects, expressive books, trays, and boxes to corral objects and allow for a “drop zone.” 

Styling Your Console Table: Our Guide
Styling Your Console Table: Our Guide

Shop our favorite accessories

Nilla Wicker Ball
Salton Ceramic Vase
Sailing the Seas
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Studio McGee
  1. All of these are styled for longer hallways – we only have about 3.5 feet of wall (width wise which leaves us with limited space and the need for a smaller console table (which is really hard to find.

  2. Where do you put family photos? Do you hang them or place them on shelves where all can see or do you keep them in more personal spaces like bedrooms or hallways?

  3. How much space is ideal to leave on the sides of a console table? For example, say you have a 7’ wall: Would you go with a 6’ console table? Or smaller?

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