How We’re Making Life Beautiful

We asked our team and our Instagram followers how they are making life beautiful

20 March 2020 -

As we confront the current health crisis, we’ve been doing our best to social distance, stay positive, and take precautious while continuing business as usual.

Our office, along with many other offices in our global and local community, was fortunate enough to close it’s doors temporarily as our employees work remotely. As a result, we are spending more and more time inside our homes as we navigate around how to embrace this pause.

Over the past week, our motto, “Make Life Beautiful,” has taken on a new weight. We’ve been thinking about how important it is to surround ourselves with beauty in times like these, not only through pretty vignettes and styled built-ins but through being surrounded by our loved ones, connecting with others, and reflecting on going forward with new gusto.

This week, we asked our team and our Instagram followers how they are making life beautiful during this time, and we loved your responses so much we wanted to share. Here are a few of our favorites:

This week with all the chaos and hardship, I have been trying to stay positive and keep a beautiful mind, during the sunny days I sat outside to send emails to soak in the sunshine, reorganized my closet and worked on some art projects. Including beautiful actions into my day has lifted me out of the darkness we are all sifting through right now! – Sierra Burkart , design intern 

“In Victoria, Canada- enjoying sun, walks, spring clean, baking, reading.” danawoollard

“My advice is to take the time to look at spaces with fresh eyes. Sometimes you don’t need to go out and buy anything new but just rearrange things you have into different rooms or spaces!” – Madison Mansfield, Executive Assistant

“We are so lucky to have good weather up in Seattle right now. We’re starting some yard projects and planting our garden!” – graceandvaliant

“In our house, we’re trying to make life beautiful during the madness by purging old clothes, toys, etc. and getting things organized!” Megan Wiseman, Production Manager

“Well we are .. spring cleaning, organizing the closets and playing board games, watching Netflix and baking… also we are keeping in Touch with friends and family for morale support… and taking more Naps.” –november.grace

Photo from our marketing director, Tawnee Madlen

Photo from our marketing director, Tawnee Madlen

“Really soaking in and enjoying the extra family time. Having fun doing simple things like cooking and playing together.” – @dianarunsbananas

“Watching Studio McGee on Youtube ;).” -@ilsebels

“During this pause, I’m taking the time to actually read through all of my pretty coffee table books for inspiration!” – Kelsie Lindley, lead designer

Getting outside everyday with my kids! Fresh air is therapy for me and them.” – @taraclow

“I’m adding more fresh flowers into my routine. It’s always made a huge impact on how I feel in a space, but I usually go into work and only enjoy them in the evenings. I’ve love sitting with them 24/7. Also, it’s an industry that’s being hit hard, so I’ve been heading into our local wholesaler that we use for SM shoots to try and support them. There are so many hands that make the flower business work. I can’t imagine the impact they are feeling right now.” – Tawnee Madlen, VP of marketing

“Scheduling a virtual double date night with our best couple friends. “ -@ ecsappington

“I’m in England, going out for a walk in the countryside, seeing the lambs and knowing nature is oblivious to what’s happening to us comforts me immensely.” -@ janet_waterhouse

Photo from our Director of Visual Merchandising Kristine Metcalf.

Photo from our Director of Visual Merchandising Kristine Metcalf.

From The McGee Home (full tour coming soon!)

From The McGee Home (full tour coming soon!)

I just finished a massive closet project but now I’m going to take a couple of days to breathe and be present with my family.” –

We made hearts and rainbows and put them in our windows as our way of saying hello to our friends, family, and neighbors who pass by. Lifted our spirits! Some of our friends did it too and we LOVE seeing it in their windows when we are out! Helping us feel a little more connected to them.” – @redpipershop

“I’m trying to rest and not get overwhelmed with all the “things to do,” on the internet. I think it’s important to stay busy but also let ourselves pause and re-collect.” Jasmyne Muir, content writer

Date Posted
20 March 2020