How We Choose Carpet

Here are a few things we consider when making carpet selections

20 July 2020 -

We recently finished the first round of The McGee Home Tours, and it’s been so fun to share our process in a way that we never have before! We learned a lot from building our own home, and been it’s interesting to hear your questions along the way about all the nitty-gritty details.

We could have expected a lot of questions about paint colors and countertop finishes, but we got quite a few questions about something that surprised us: carpet!

Choosing your carpet is one of those small things that makes a big difference, and over the years we’ve come up with a sort of “carpet criteria,” that we’re going to share with you today!

Here are a few things we consider when deciding on a carpet in a new-build or remodel project:

The materials

There are so many options for carpet out there, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In narrowing it down, we like to begin with considering the material.

We have worked with just about every carpet material, and this decision is all about personal preference!

If our client has young kids and is worried about stains, we’ll consider a stain-master material, but our go-to material for carpet has to be wool.

We love wool carpet because it’s durable, classic, and has such a great feel and texture!

Regardless of which carpet material you are drawn to, we always recommend ordering swatches and making sure you like the feel of it before ordering. After all, you are the one walking on it every day.

The pile

When it comes to carpet length, we always prefer a low-pile option. Not only are low-pile carpets great for layering rugs on top, but they are easier to clean, and have a more classic look to them than a shag carpet. Plus, they can be just as soft or softer than the shag in your parents’ house that you know and love. Just trust us on this one!

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The colors

Carpet colors are a bit like paint colors in the way that you think it will be easier to choose them that it actually is!

Much like paint, shades of carpet can look different depending on the lighting in your home. So we recommend placing your swatches in various areas before making a decision!

We always like to choose lighter, neutral-colored shades with a bit of texture and dimension for versatility in the main areas of the home, such as great rooms, bedrooms, and master bedrooms.

When it comes to more bold, patterned carpet, we like to save it for smaller, accent areas like stair runners or even playrooms.

How We Choose Carpet - Studio McGee
Tattersall Carpet from Stanton in The McGee Home.

Tattersall Carpet from Stanton in The McGee Home.

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The placement

Carpet placement is another topic that is all about personal preference!

In our design studio, we love the look and function of hardwood, and so we prefer to do it wherever we can!

Typically, we like to do hardwood everywhere on the main floor, even in the great room and master bedroom, and then we’ll do carpet in kids’ rooms, bonus rooms, or other areas that call for it.

However, we have even done hardwood in kids’ rooms before! It’s all about layering the right rug on top to bring that warm feeling and soft function into the room!

How did you choose your carpet? Do you have a favorite material? Let us know in the comments!

Date Posted
20 July 2020